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Dalek Showcase

Meet the neighbours...

If you're new to Project Dalek, you're probably wondering exactly what's involved in building a Dalek, and if there are any other people out there who share your Dalek-building ambitions.

In this section we present some of the Daleks built by Project Dalek Forum members - just to give you an idea of what results you can expect, when your build is completed.


American Daves 'in progress' New Series Dalek featuring many vacuum formed parts

American Dave

Simon Morrell's Dalek Showcase

Simon Morrell

John Darley's Classic 1960sDalek

John Darley

Mike Bull's Dalek showcase

Mike Bull

Thalspys Dalek Genie in genesis grey


Adam Strawsons Classic 1960s style Dalek with striking shoulders

Adam St

Steve and Liams excellent new series Dalek made with the Project Dalek plans

Steve and Liam

Spaggas amazing Genesis of the Daleks style build. Made using the Shawcraft classic dalek plans


AlansDalek Maxx, a brilliant NSD built using the Project Dalek '2005 Series' Dalek plans


Zekeds 1970s Genesis style Dalek


Garrys superb New Series Dalek as showcased on the Project Dalek Forum


Subcusicks amazing Renegade Dalek build from the 1980s


These pages show a small selection of our showcases, to give you a taste of some of the Daleks that have been completed and documented so far.

For more information check out the extensive build diaries within the Project Dalek Forum. They give masses of extra detail, extensive 'in-production' photographs and lots of helpful ideas, tips and advice.