Project Dalek also offers information, help and support for those who wish to build smaller scale Dalek models, either from scratch or by using commercially available kits. While our Dalek plans have their measurements at full size, it is a fairly easy task to divide the dimensions in order to use them to create some really great scale models. Some of the best scale builds are showcased in the Scale Dalek section, here on the main website.

Model Daleks, Often mistaken for full size versions.


The Project Dalek Forum has a section dedicated to scale model Daleks, where members can post their progress and receive help, support and encouragement.

If you're considering building a classic 1960s or 1970s Dalek from the Mk1, 2 and 3 plans, or the Movie Dalek plans  (which are published in inches), then a great way of producing a nicely scaled model is to simply convert the (decimal) inches in the plans directly into centimetres.

This will allow you to build a model roughly two feet tall. This is an ideal size for using table tennis (ping pong) balls for making the fifty size hemispheres... something which can often be problematic.

If you're building a commercially available kit, like those produced by Airfix, Comet or the now quite rare and collectable Sevans Models 5th scale or 3rd scale Dalek kits, then please do share your efforts with us. We'll do our best to help, if you get stuck.