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AlansDalek: Maxx2

Maxx2 was Alans second Dalek outing. Alan introduced the project to the Forum members by saying...


"Well I'm here again, so here is the start of the build of Maxx2. The problems I had with the first build, I think I have sorted now and Maxx was looking a little alone, so I thought I would build him a friend!


Maxx2 needs to be a light weight build. The fender alone on Maxx weighs in at six stone and that's without the batteries on board. To be honest to the poor love he is just too heavy to transport about to events. Maxx is my first my last my everything (Barry White), so his home will always be here... as a static prop.


I will make the dome the same way.. and the slats.. and the hemis. Luckily I already have the neck cage and gun box details, so they are out of the way.  In all other respects Maxx2 will be the same as Maxx".

Alan's Maxx2

How it was done...

Skirt panels cut out.

Alan got hold of a load of timber and 3mm MDF and just managed to cut out the skirt panels before it started raining. He used the templates that he made for Maxx, so it was quick and easy to mark them out. For the top and bottom of the skirt he used Maxx`s skirt as the template and knocked 3mm off all the way around to compensate for the thickness of the panels.

Assembled MDF skirt.

Here we see the panels fitted and the joints re-inforced with fibreglass. All the panels were  trimmed and all the joints filled and sanded ready for painting with primer. Note that the blocks on the bottom of the skirt were there to lift the skirt off the floor so the panel edges didn't get damaged. They were held on with a few spots of wood glue and were easily  removed later.

Gun box leveling device.

This is the shoulder section with the front part of the upper cladding fitted. Alan marked out where the collars go and stuck the spacer blocks on with wood glue and a nail gun. Also pictured are the gun boxes, held in relative position by Alan's clever gun box alignment tool. This gives a better idea of where the boxes fit and holds them in position, making it easier to mark up their positions on the shoulders.

Slat components.

To make the slats Alan used a table saw. He set the cutting width at 54mm and cut off strips of 12mm MDF. He made the strips smaller because the two side profile panels which go on last, when the shoulders are finished fill them back to 60mm. He then marked the strips out for slat length and marked the position of the top counter sunk hole and cut them all to size.

Fender construction.

Here we see the fender being clad in MDF. The joins were strengthened, internally with fibreglass. Alan did all the joins by hand and used a file to get the panels to fit. All was going great and then on the last panel the heavens opened and the rain came down. Non-the-less, Alan managed to get it finished and give it a couple of coats of black paint.

Stepped Dalek eye, iris component.

Alan cut the eye front details out of 3mm MDF using different sized hole cutters, to approximately the correct sizes and then finished them off with a bob sander. They were then stuck together with wood glue, using a small brush to apply glue to the bare edges of the inner rings to seal them. This also helped them take the paint better, later on. When the assembly was dry, it was taken down to the right size with a belt sander.

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