Forum member John Pannell produced this excellent Dalek claw
using items found in his garage

claw construction 

Check out John's Dalek build in the Project Dalek Forum 'Builder's Progress' section.

Pipe attachments

The burner rod element was made form a large nail which was cut down to the right size. The end was then filed to shape. This was secured inside the hemisphere using Milliput (two part epoxy putty).

Plastic pipes, 'o' rings and a spring go to make up the three flexible pipes attached to the grabbers. The larger pipe forms the small collar which connects to the dome. The spring fits into the curved section.

Pipe attachments

Tube connecting parts

The picture shows two sections cut from the shoulders of a plastic hair contitioner bottle. Their shape was perfect for the curved sections where the pipes connect. They were used to cast the 'real' parts using car body filler.

The claw fingers were made from a small sheet of MDF, cut to shape. They were then attached using screws concealed inside the hemisphere. The central claw pivots were made using washers and small sections of aluminium tube.

Claw fingers


Small bolts were used to attach the pipes to the central sphere. These were cut down to approximately 2cm in length and attached from the inside of the sphere. A small length of bolt was also attached to the outer curved sections, glued into pre-drilled holes.

A plastic plumbing connector was used to create the lower collar. It was cut down and the ridges were sanded off. It was then covered in thin plastic sheet. The bevel was formed using filler. John says that if he made this part again, he'd probably make it out of a piece of turned and shaped MDF.

Plumbing connector