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Following our appeal for further information about these Dalek rides and the Edwin Hall Company in general, Project Dalek has been contacted by Geoff Biffen, the son of a former employee...

My late father Stan drove for Edwin Hall up until they ceased trading in 1976. This was when Ted Saville took an interest and purchased some rides but to the best of my knowledge Mitchells of Heath Rd., Skegness took over the main business and are still trading. Most of my fond memories of the company were trips with dad in the school holidays servicing and emptying the rides in a brand new A60 pick up and a 3 ton Bedford J type. I clearly remember touring the country converting the coin slots from sixpence to 2p. Ted Saville is still alive to the best of my knowledge and still has a warehouse full of rides somewhere in Croydon. Edwin Hall's other driver was named Barry Andrews, last heard of living in Mitcham Surrey.

Edwin Hall is no longer with us but he did have a son called Tim. I do hope this small amount of knowledge is of some use to you.

 Many thanks for the information, Geoff.

We have also heard from Bob Boon...

I was an apprentice there, circa 1955/6 'til 1960. I remember Stan Biffen well and accompanied him on numerous occasions to change rides and even better, to collect money! Funny, I don't remember the Daleks too well. Guess they were after my time. Best ones I recall were the Sputniks, a very popular ride. I had a happy week at the boys and girls Exhibition at Olympia, had to wear a suit and was given a bonus, which was unheard of then. Nice to hear of your interest.

 The additional information is much appreciated, Bob.

Many thanks to Desirée Alder for additional information on the history of Edwin Hall and providing the following press clippings...

December-3rd-1966 December-10th-1966 January-29th-1966 January-29th-1966

You can read more about the history of coin operated rides on her website.

Thanks also, to Tony Clark for uncovering the link between these rides and the 1966 Amusements Trades Exhibition.