The World Record Attempts, 2006-2008


Project Dalek is a group which focuses almost exclusively on Dalek building. While our members often attend events organised by others, Project Dalek rarely puts its name to activities which involve the more social side of Dalek ownership.

There are many charity groups and regional fan clubs which do a great job organising events, so we're happy to take a back seat. Many of our members and their associated charity and fundraising groups are also members of the 'Dalek Owners Club', which is a group where event organisers can announce their events, either to recruit more Daleks or simply to give the event a bit of publicity.

However, Project Dalek does make an exception when the event is a big one, organised to mark a Dalek anniversary or break a world record.

So far, there have been three such events, Holt, Manchester and Leicester. Some details and lots of great photographs from these events can be seen by clicking on the Main Menu/Events menu sub-links, on the left hand side of this page.

When Project Dalek is involved with an event, we take great care to ensure that no claim is made to ownership of the Dalek design or name. Furthermore, every effort is made to ensure that it is clear to everyone that the event is not in any way 'official' or endorsed by the BBC. Our involvement in events is rare and always 100% for charity. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy our Daleks out and about in public and our thanks go out to the copyright owners for their continued tolerance.