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  • Bluehinter's Planet / Genesis Mk3 Dalek
    Hi everyone, My name is Troy Wood, better known as BlueHinter if you're familiar with my 3D Printing Doctor Who project, or posts over on io9 or Gallifrey Base. I just turned 40, and instead of getting a fancy sports car, hair plugs, or a trophy wife, I’ve decided to kick off this midlife crisis in style by fulfilling a childhood dream of mine: building a full-sized 70's-era Dalek! I'm already a hardcore Whovian and crafter. Last year for Halloween, I built a life-sized Ood with remote control eyes, and a classic series Auton with spring-loaded hand. I would have had an 80's Cyberman too, if my helmet hadn’t mysteriously disappeared while going through customs. That said, this it without a doubt, the most ambitious build project I’ve ever embarked upon. I'll be going for a standard Shawcraft Mk.3 designs with a general Planet / Genesis color scheme and layout, since I've always thought the gunmetal grey and black hemisphere design looked best. I’m cheating a bit, and have acquired a prefabricated eyepiece, lights, and plunger, dome, neck rings, and shoulder section. Still, not having to worry about constructing three of the most difficult sections of the build straight off the bat turns this into a far more manageable and forgiving project. The neck rings are the 56cm, 58cm, 60cm size NSD size neck rings, which are slightly smaller than the original 58.4cm, 59.7cm, 61cm Shawcraft specs, but fingers crossed it won't look too far off when assembled. For right now, I’m still in the parts gathering phase. I’ll be looking into skirt fabrication options. I plan on getting a quote from the local TAP Plastics to see how insanely expensive it’s going to be to have the skirt panels laser cut out of 1/16" plastic. I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do for the 56 Dalek bumps, since they will likely need to be solid and then screwed in from inside. I’m going to be using my 3D printer to make some of the smaller pieces like the eye rings and eyestalk pivot. For the slats I'm going to try using 1&3/4" lattice, which I think is made out of ASB plastic or something similar. This is 1/4" smaller than what's recommended in the Shawcraft designs, so I'll have to see what it looks like once I get the neck section delivered. For the gun and sucker arms, I've picked up some cheap 1" and 3/4" metal conduit from Home Depot in an attempt to build a much simpler 2-stage sucker arm. I've also purchased two 4" stainless steel gazing balls off of eBay to use as the base for each arm. While not perfectly spherical, I hope they're close enough that they will still rotate freely when I enclose them inside a socket. They come with a tiny little 1/16" starter hole on one side, so tomorrow, I'm taking them over to my dad's place in the hopes that we can use his drill press to drill a 1" hole through both sides. This will allow my to push the 1" conduit through, and hopefully only have to do a bit of dirty welding on the inside section that nobody will see. the smaller 3/4" conduit will pass through the 1" conduit for the sucker arm, which will have 16" exposed on the outside. This will let the sucker arm retract from 36" to about 16" or however much room there ends up being inside. A simple cap and handle on the end of the 3/4" conduit inside the body should allow me to rotate, pivot and extend. The gun arm will also be built out of 1" metal conduit, hopefully drilled through the gazing ball in the same way, with some cut down metal coat hangers for the cage. I plan on building the "petal" part of the blaster out of bits of an old tape measure, which will hopefully retain some of their springiness when cut down to size. I would dearly like to complete this build in time for the March for Science on April 14th, or failing that Halloween. Luckily, my wife is totally okay with me taking over the garage to build this massive prop that we don’t really have room for in our house, as long as when it’s done, she gets to drive it around too!
  • Bryan's Planet Dalek
    Started in December 2015 to try and gain some hobby/craft/DIY skills. Its not finished yet as I havent the tools to make the neck rings but everything else isn't far off. Constructed in plywood with a little MDF and filler here and there. Dome is an ebay special. Its very heavy as you'd expect but i can shuffle it around. Been a joy to build but taking an eternity to finish. I have questions to ask at some point. Thanks Bry
  • Bec Weir's Silver And Blue NSD
    Me again. After having built the TARDIS last year (a Smith/Capaldi), I got bored and started to build another NSD. For something different, and because I saw one on Google Images that I liked, I'm going to build an NSD and paint it the Mazda Moist Silver that I did my Shawcraft Daleks in, and in Subaru K7X blue that I like so much. Kinda like the Shawcraft Daleks. I prepped the moulds as usual with one coat of wax, which I buffed off, and two coats of PVA release sprayed on. I was given some very fine silver pigment powder by the nice people at Barnes to try when I was making my NDS Davros. I had limited success with this, using it as a cold casting powder. This time I thought I'd give it a go as a true pigment (the intended use for it) in the gelcoat and polyester resin. Using a respirator (this stuff is worse than glitter to use and becomes airborne easily), the silver powder was mixed with some liquid styrene that I use to thin down my neutral gelcoat and added to the gelcoat. I'm using about 15mls of MEKP catalyst per litre of gelcoat, as it is about 36 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity inside my workshop and I don't want it going off too quickly. The silver gelcoat was painted onto the skirt, shoulders and dome mould surfaces with a 50mm brush and allowed to cure for just over an hour, until it would leave fingerprints when touched. I then added some silver pigment (about 30mls) to some more styrene and added that to a litre of polyester resin. Again, that was mixed well and 15mls of catalyst was added. This should give me about 45 minutes working time before the resin gels. I layered in the previously laser cut 450gsm fiberglass mat and, using a roller brush, added the resin to the mat, making sure it was well wetted and using a plastic paint/putty scraper to ensure the wetted mat got into all the corners. Some additional strips of 450 mat (left over from laser cutting the panels out) was used to strengthen the joins between panels. The second layer of mat was wetted out with white tinted polyester resin. Using a roller brush is quick, but it does use a bit more polyester resin than applying it with a brush. All up, two layers of 450gsm with an additional layer on the top and bottom returns, uses 7 litres of polyester resin. Not bad, when I have a 40 gallon (150 litres) drum of the stuff sitting around getting old. And just because I am evil (and still have 1500grams of the stuff) I added in some Barbie pink glitter (about 100 grams) into the final coat of polyester resin inside all the parts. Pretty. The fender was painted with black tinted neutral gelcoat and then one layer of 450 gsm fiberglass mat was added with black pigmented polyester resin, followed by two layers of white pigmented polyester resin and 450gsm mat. The final white layers should help reflect the blue LED strip lights later - if I can find some in my bits box and decide to use them. In case you are wondering where my usual helper is in the photos, well, he's currently at the vets having a blood transfusion, IV antibiotics and slow fluid resuscitation for his acute on chronic kidney failure. He's 19 years old, and all that pet insurance that I have paid all his life is now paying off. I do miss having him beside me and having to move him out of the way, so he doesn't get resin on him, when building.
  • Dalek L-Ron
    Ok..... here at last. Everything has been in storage and limbo for the last two years as we wait patiently for our new residence to be built. In anticipation of completion, this first sortie into the build diary is a catch-up, so to speak, of what little I have managed to accomplish before priorities put The Project on hold. The birth of Dalek L-Ron began in 2015 from a sheet of 17mm 7 Ply rescued from the back of a traded-in Ute where it was used as flooring. A few marks and holes but nothing a bit of builder bog won't fix. This particular timber should work well as a strong foundation in supporting my body weight and motorization, plus the rigors of sidewalk grime and anomalies. I downloaded the NSD plans from PD and purchased the Builders Manual. The plan was to build from foundation up, so I rigorously studied the build diaries of the NSD section using the search word "Fender" to gain relative access to all possible info on that particular subject. I downloaded the TWD tech drawings; thank you Phil, without these the build would have taken longer and result.....well.....hate to think! I penciled out a pattern of all the required cuts to make the most of this piece of ply, which was slightly cut down from the original size of 2400 x 1200. The complete fender was able to be constructed from this one sheet.
  • Sargon - Pedal Powered
    I wanted to build a pedal powered Dalek from the start,i wanted it to be light & to fit inside a family salon car so i could transport it to raise money for different charitys when i retire next year. lots of you said it's not a good idea, Iv'e been in R&D aerospace enginerring for over 45 years & i guess i must have picked up a few ideas in mechanical design. I started Sargon last Christmas The Photos are from very early ideas to pressent day . I bought a set of wheels made a coulple of shafts to fit bearings , someone i work with was throwing an old mountain bike away so i cobbled a trike together with some wood to make a very simple prototype to see if it would be possible. I then moved the chassis on a notch & made a very crude alloy sub frame this threw up a few problems with hight . I had to reduce the peddle crank lengths as they were hitting the ground & the gearing was wrong & the drive wheel needed to be a fixed drive . having only one wheel driving & one wheel free give you a very crude differental & will increase the turning circle.
  • Chris’s 1st Movie Supreme
    I never thought I’d ever start this build diary, but after several long months, I’ve finally started the groundwork on my first Dalek! I’ve been on the forum for nearly a year now, and you guys have been extremely helpful. If you notice anything that looks off, feel free to point it out. Anyways, here we go! I started with the dome, which I layered up using some lay-in ceiling tiles I bought at Home Depot. These were about $5 each, and I purchased four of them. I think they were a good choice, as I was able to cut them a switchblade, but they were still rigid enough to hold up the plaster. After cutting them to size, I started layering up the plaster. I was able to use zip ties to attach the former to the rod. They worked suprisingly well, and didn’t make the former wobble at all! After I finished building up the plaster, I used some spackle to smooth out the plug. It worked really well, due to the fact that it’s softness allowed me to layer it on top of the low spots of the plug. Once that had dried, I used some polyurethane to seal the dome. Still waiting for that to dry right now, but will hopefully see some progress throughout the week.
  • Henry's 2nd Movie Dalek
    Hi all, A quick introduction! Been around the forum for a good number of years now, popping my head in now and again. May of you may be unaware that i worked with/alongside Joe Nagle building a few Daleks over the years, but this'll be my first attempt of my own accord, also the first Dalek i've built in 3 years. When the padawan becomes the master ay? Decided i'd have a crack at a 2nd movie Dalek, was after all the first Dalek story i ever saw, back in the very late 90's (i was young!) Just thought i'd start of my build diary as i've made some progress (very little but still something!), so off we go! Got my dome, beakers and claw delivered today, tried to make claws before in the past and they've been a b****** to do... Well in my opinion, so thought i'd opt with the easy option. The dome had a few dimples and marks on it so cracked open the P38, (wow does that smell bring back workshop/Dalek making memories!) just so i can sand later. That's about it really, i've still got the wood to buy and other bits/bobs but i'll be well on my way very soon. I do have a small pile of items i'll be using for the eye, e.g. perspex, camera lens, hemi's. Speaking of hemis i've sourced online a company that'll make 100mm one's in the exact colour i'll be needing, saves on sanding, priming and painting... Although maybe a little pricey. I'll report back ASAP!
  • Arjaytee's NSD
    I never started a build diary for my Dalek, but I did document it in detail. I'm working to get all the pictures in order to upload here. I'll start out with some of my 3D printed parts. I eventually coated them with bondo and painted them.
  • Grant's Mk3 TV Dalek
    G'day all! I'm located in Sydney, Australia (Killara to be precise). Almost by accident I've found myself building a Mk3 Dalek! I'm attending a themed event later in the year and offered to bring a full size Dalek (what was I thinking!). When deciding what to build, I came across the Shawcraft TV Mk3 plans. My decision was made - this way the Dalek I remember as a kid...I had to have one! I purchased the construction manual just before Christmas and made a start a couple of weeks back. I'm using ply and MDF to construct a split skirt, and will most likely continue with the same materials as much as possible as I find them easy to work with. I am concerned about the dome, though. I've no experience at all with fibreglass, and am considering trying to source one locally from a friendly NSW-based (Australia) enthusiast. If only I knew someone... :-) I've also got my hands on the voice modulator described here on the forum. It works exceptionally well (the kids love it!) and I can't wait to install it into my finished Dalek. Time permitting I hope to post regular updates here so all can laugh at my mistakes :-) Feel free to jump in if you see I'm doing something dreadfully wrong. I'll post some early photos once I work out how to... OK, here's my first attempt at posting photos... mmm...they seem rather large. I'll have to work out how to export smaller files next time. This is my partially completed skirt. Still needs a few panels to be attached (I ran out of MDF...another trip to Bunnings is in order...). Since I took these photos I've cut out the opening in the top panel and tested that it can be successfully split and re-joined. I want to create the base for the skirt to sit on out of a single piece of timber. I could use MDF, but it seems to me a decently thick piece of ply would be a better option. Bunnings don't carry anything big enough (unless I want to spend $$$ on a huge sheet, which I don't!)
  • Citroen1919's Dalek
    well I thought I had better put some pics on here, I started derik about a year ago and made the templates etc. from the plans on this site, I made card templates first then transferred them to mdf then got the jig saw out, eventually I splashed out the cash and purchased a w/shop manual from this site, This helped no end with the build. The dome was got off eBay from a chap in Worthing (25 miles away) it is not a particular type of dalek but it was loosely based on a 60s ish type, it is painted in primer at the moment as you can see in the photo's, the mesh on the top is not fine enough so I will put some black card in to obscure it at a later date, I am just getting all the major parts sorted before a final assembly takes place. A good friend of mine is cutting the "belts" out and will be ready this weekend. I have got a GO-CHAIR almost ready to build in once I have welded and fabricated the mountings to attach it, I liked this for 2 reasons ,1/ it was cheap and working (£45.) and 2/ it has a joystick control. I have got a PCB and w/shop manual from here for the voice modulator as well and another friend of mine is making that as we speak. I will have more pics on here when I can get out to work on it in the next few days
  • David's NSD
    So the build has begun and within seconds some of the heaviest rain the region has seen for a while fell from the sky. Maybe this is an omen. I am planning to make most of the Dalek from Fibreglass. I have used it before on other non Dalek related projects and so thought I would take the chance to up my skill levels. In between the major downpours my son and I have for the base pieces cut for the skirt and I am about to start work on the panels. Pictures coming as soon as I can. Main feedback so far is measure multiple times and double check before you cut. Almost made a couple of bad mistakes before the cuts were made.
  • Dalek Mith
    Hello all. Just got home from vacation and I figured no time is better than now to start my project. I will be starting off printing the dome of the dalek with my 3D printer as I know that it will take some time to complete it I figured I could get it done while I work on building the body of the Dalek. I will post progress pictures as I proceed. It is also nice to note that I have a friend who has an electric wheelchair that they are letting me have free of charge so I will be able to be powered instead of foot powered. I hope that this will be a fairly smooth process for me as I am very good at building stuff from scratch. And I am sure I will have many questions along the way, some of them are probably already answered on the forums. Here goes nothing... lol
  • Simon's 2005 Dalek
    Hi everyone thought I would start a build log, I have been a forum lurker for some time now and finally starting to build a Dalek :-D I’m going to be building a 2005 Dalek either battle damaged or with some serious weathering I like the idea of making a back story for my Dalek and this one will follow in the foot steps of the first Dalek from the Christopher Ecclestons time as the doctor my Dalek would of fallen through the time vortex and ended up stranded on earth before modern technology so that allows for some interesting almost steampunk features, I have started printing the oil seals for the hemispheres over the Christmas period and am currently printing my 13th one I had a box of “10cm” Christmas baubals from 2 years ago when I was going to start this project I had to modify the oil seal to fit my baubals (insert joke here) I’m going to use one of my printers for nothing but the oil seals and my other one will be starting the eye, even if life gets in the way at least I’ll have a good conversation starter and loads of coasters 😂 Anyway that’s enough for now I will try and upload some pictures when I have a few more bits printed, hopefully I can get out in the workshop and cut some timber too. Happy holidays Simon