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  • Damien's Dalek
    Well, im off to a slow start, however, i managed to obtain an mk5 board and working on getting it build with a friend of mine who is an electronics expert. Just waiting on one part this is missing from the board that stops it from operating. Haven't tested it but all it due time. Also, if all go wells, I might be getting a kit by donation to help me start my project. I am hoping to have better progress within the next month.
  • James's 1960s Power Dalek
    Hello! Early January this year I commissioned a prop maker to build me a Dalek, it has taken around 12/13 weeks to create and is a default late 1960s style Dalek, here are some of the highlight building photos! And the completed Dalek, it's honestly fantastic! I'll make a Showcase post once I've got some photos taken.
  • Urban Spaceman's NSD
    So, 2018 marks ten years since my last Dalek build (my 3rd build) – where the heck did those years go?! Anyway, as I no longer own any of those three previous builds and having lots of lovely new machines to play with I thought I’d do it all again. Since my last build ( the tools and technology available to Dalek builders has moved along phenomenally and I’ll be taking full advantage of the equipment I didn’t have in the past for the new build. Despite the extra toys I don’t expect the build will be a quick one as I won’t be able to work on it at weekends, plus my other creative endeavours, which will be largely funding the new build, must come first. One thing new to me this time though is actually making the dome from scratch and I’ll actually be using the old fashioned tried and tested way of plaster plug and grp mould. (Progress pic below along with photos of my new toys :-))
  • Marcus' New Series Dalek
    Hey Everyone! So this is the start of a very long, fun and possibly stressful journey. First off, I'm totally new to Dalek building and motorising a robot/remote control vehicle in general... Soooooo I decided to dive straight into the deep end and build a life size Dalek, I'm going to be moving pretty quick becuase i need a huge chunk of the project finished for a school project by the end of the year. also the budget is an issue, i know these can cost upwards of $1000 (aud) but my budget is probably going to be more $600-$700... 2005 NSD Dalek - not wheelchair driven because they cost an arm and a leg from my part of Australia...anyway i want to use wiper motors To begin I'm just setting up a parts list while i wait for some money to go into my account (it's taking a long time) also I'm only focusing on the base motorization and electronics etc. for now and finish that completely before i move on to the rest of the Dalek I will be going to the local wreckers yard to pick up 2 wiper motors and for the wheels just go to Bunnings warehouse or something for 2 cheap rubber wheels and a set of casters... But... for the electronics, not quite sure what I'm doing so please any help will be greatly appreciated! I'll be making it remote control but can have the option of controlling it while sitting inside, so for the Speed controller I did some research and finding that the Sabertooth speed controllers are good, will the cheaper 2X12A be enough for an 75kg 6'4 male and a massive dalek? or will i have to fork out a little more and go with the 2X25 or 2X32? For batteries I'm going to go to the local Jaycar and buy two 12v SLA batteries, what would be the best amperage for those speed controllers? Now for the controls - i want it to be joystick driven when in the Dalek and a remote control when no one is in it (some controller and receiver from a nearby hobby shop) but the joystick controller is where i don't know what to look for? and even how to set it up? I'm sure it is the simplest thing and I'm just having a mental blank and his name will be Phillip... Anyway, I wait happily for your responses and look forward to giving life to Phillip
  • Shadow - The Dalek Undertaker
    Hi all, I am currently working on making my own youtube Doctor Who series and one episode features the Daleks! (Of course!) The episode is set after the Dalek Invasion of Earth and so features original 60s Daleks (which I am also working on). However, the episode shows us a new type of Dalek which was created when the Invasion of Earth began to fail. This Dalek has the ability to extract DNA from a recently exterminated human and create a second mutant within it's casing. This mutant can then be transferred to a second casing or in battle is given control of the Dalek's secondary weapon. I have attached a picture of the design PLEASE KEEP THIS SECRET! I have not yet revealed my Dalek to my series page followers and wish to keep it a secret until the build is complete. It's almost there and should be done next week! Pictures of the build and final article to follow! Thanks for you interest
  • Willwolfe's Mk1 Inspired Dalek
    I began to gather bits and bobs for my future dalek build a couple of months ago and thanks to members on this forum I've taken the plunge into creating my first part - an eye. This is going to be a "10 foot paint job" sort of dalek which is why mine is a classic model. The originals were pretty rough around the edges and I expect mine will be as well. This is what I achieved today: I started to hammer at my "magic 8 ball" to see if it was one of the easy to open ones or one of the difficult ones. It was the later. 10 minutes with a hack saw later, I had cut through the centre groove all of the way around. (These Mattel brand 8 balls are thick)
  • Mac's Dalek
    Following a trip to the diy store yesterday, the enjoyment has started ( in earnest) base , skirt top and bottom, shoulders top and bottom started . Wood not my favourite medium to work with , but boy does it cut fast....
  • Melbourne 2005 Time War Dalek
    Hi Guys and Gals, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Adam and I'm from downtown Melbourne, Australia. I build droids, robots and props from other movies - its an addiction. I plan on building a "2005 Time War Dalek", and start documenting a build log here as well. I have access to a CNC Laser Cutter, so would like to start the main body ASAP. At the moment, I am trying to get my head all the Dalek terminology - lots go Googling. I bought the workshop manual yesterday and just waiting for it to be delivered. So, hi everyone.
  • Pdoore's NSD
    Well finally took the plunge and started a build. Roped in the help of the grandkids has they are all massive fans after visiting the space centre and being greeted by a variety of Daleks. Any way like I said we took the plunge and this the result after a couple hours work this Sunday. Planning on doing this on a budget, with materials I have hanging around and calling in favours. Started with the skirt and used 12 ply for the top and bottom rims with 18mm ply supporting struts.
  • Dalek Fox's Dalek
    Me and my girlfriend have decided to transcend our human forms and become members of the superior race. Me me that is a dalek for her that is a mondosian cyber woman. The current plan is to build a motorized NSD with classic colors and as many motors and electronics as I can shove in it. Because like bow ties over complicated circuits are cool I started with the base using the nsd plans and the wonderful engineers sheet a member did with more detailed measuresments (I would love to see the plans more towards proper engineer sheets personly for me the NSD plans leave a lot undiscused) we mistakenly had gotten osb not really knowing what it was. So the base will be redone later one but for now it serves as a good refrence platform. After scoreing the osb with the measurements and angles I took a jig saw too it. After realizing one of my angels was off and I'd have to redo it I took a beer and a jig saw to it lucky my angel was to wide rather than to narrow so I didn't have to scrap the whole peice
  • Dalekweig's NSD
    I am going to starting my NSD Dalek very soon. I am going to attempt to make the NSD Dome using EVA foam after watching Evil Ted Smith on Youtube. One item I am unsure of making is the Cowl. Even with reading through build diaries and .pdf's on the Forums, I am still unclear how to make them. Any help would be grateful.
  • The Kawatha's Mk1 Dalek
    I am just starting to build my dalek and i need some guidance. Thanks.
  • Little_wolf12's Mk3 Dalek
    It was in the summer. Continuation in the coming summer But we would like to know how to do the shoulders of the Dalek