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19 December 2018

  • Nic's Imperial Dalek
    Hi all, a whole year and a bit after I had originally began planning to build an Imperial, I have finally began the project! The initial plan last year was to have a person operate it from the inside, but it has changed and will now be remote control with plans to try and automate it in the future. I've convinced a good mate to help out in building it, but it didn't take much convincing. It took a few weeks to finally get together but today has seen the start and a good one at that. We've managed to complete the Bottom and Top boards of the skirt, now we need to cut the panels out, make the struts to go between the top and bottom boards and assemble it. Hopefully tomorrow will see that completed. Mistakes were made in the process of cutting the bottom panel (plans mis-interpreted) but we realised the mistakes of our ways and fixed them accordingly. Here is a photo of each as they sit for the night. I apologise for the poor quality but the night does not treat my friend's phone camera well. Have a wonderful night, and hopefully there will be a good update tomorrow. Regards, Nic
  • Twin Gun Dalek
    After two NSD builds I thought I would have some fun and build a Dalek that's a bit more spacious and with more firepower. Bigger gun boxes are set into the chest section which is 75mm wider than spec, extra armour plates fitted to break up the shape. Cut down NSD bezels adorn the front and the armour slats are yet to befitted. A standard dome and neck rings should still fit OK but it will have a slight Sontaran look about it. The strip on the front of the skirt shows the extra width but the bumper is quite slim so the width for trundling is no different. Its made of ply and hardboard for the chest section which has lasted a number of years trundling and being strapped in vehicles for transport in my first builds. Painting the hardboard both sides makes it a lot stronger and its easy to bend. Cheap too!. Hoping to be trundling around April on with his older brother which was my first build in the South West. Will post more as things progress . Just need a cup holder for a medium Latte and a small shelf to store my Oggys pastie lunch on!!
  • Steve's 1:3rd Scale Pertwee Era Dalek
    SO, Ladies and Gentledaleks, here's my first update on my 1/3rd scale Dalek. I decided to build the Gold Dalek from "Day Of The Daleks", basically because I love the colour scheme, which is nicer than the rather monochrome Daleks of this era, and I also decided, because of available space, to build a 1/3rd scale Dalek. I live in a (fairly) spacious flat not far from Heumarkt in Cologne, and space is limited. Not to mention the problems of getting a full-sized Dalek in and out of a first-floor flat in a building with no elevator. I have had some experience building various things - in the 1990's I built a Sylva Striker kit car, which I regularly drove to the "Prisoner" Conventions in Portmeirion, and I've completed a number of scratch-builds of props and models - some of which you might have seen if you were a member of one of the Eagle Transporter builders forums. Anyway, I started by building the dome mould buck. This was made out of two chunks of extruded polystyrene and a bit of thick cardboard, glued to a plywood base, with a kebab skewer stuck through, and a dome profile cut out of protex PVC foam. I like PVC foam : It's easy to cut and sand, available in most DIY stores here in Germany and takes paint well. The plaster I used was the type that dentists use - a toolstone plaster, which dries very hard, yet is very fine, and can be sanded easily. After a couple of layers, and letting it dry solid overnight, I sanded down the buck to remove imperfections. I then covered it with a layer of spray filler/primer, which made all the imperfections stand out. After several coats and sanding back and filling with spot putty, I had a reasonably fine dome. This was then polished with a paper towel (people don't realize how abrasive kitchen towelling is) and then further polished with a rubbing compound similar to Brasso. (Which is actually sold as a chrome polish for bathroom taps). While that was going on, I drew up some plans for the base, and also cut the neck rings, and the skirt top and bottom. The skirt top and bottom were then glued together, with added bits of wood to increase the footprint of the adhered area. End of part one, and here come the photos :
  • Joe's NSD
    Okay, here goes. This is going to be a LONG journey. But I have officially started. I have been telling a few people about my idea to construct a Dalek, and just a few days I contacted a mobility store and asked if they had any used power chairs, or other mobility devices that I could get for a cheap price, explaining what I was going to build. Well, I got a powered chair for free, see picture. Also, since it is Christmas, I was able to pick up 60 clear 4" Christmas ornaments (that are already split into hemispheres) for a great price. I am looking at building a voice modulator as I continue to read more documentation around this wonderful site.
  • David Tindell's Dalek / Tank - Sherman
    Starting a new project to build a Dalek Tank hybrid based on WW2. It's for a military charity I do work for as a mascot. It will look very different from anything seen before!
  • Renegade
    Moving on from the Imperial build, I had to make the matching Dalek: a Renegade. The plans were downloaded from Project Dalek Forum and @Aaron J Climas helped by sending me a .dxf file of the shoulder base. I reduced all the dimensions by the 6mm that the 3mm MDF will take up and cut it out on the laser cutter. 18 minutes later and I had the skeleton of the shoulders cut. A further 20 minutes and I had the gun box cut. Some Titebond III glued the parts together. The oval was cut out with some partial thickness cuts spaced every 3mm, to allow it to bend to fit to the front of the shoulders, once clad. I couldn't go any further with this build today, as I forgot to buy the 3mm MDF to clad the shoulders. 😕 (Worst .dxf file of a gun box *ever*, though it turned out within a mm or so of the correct dimensions and most will be inside the buck) The neck rings are supposed to be 13mm thick, so I drew out a .dxf file for all three neck rings and cut them out of 6mm MDF. Laminating them together with some Titebond III will give me a little extra thickness. I will cut a further circle for each of the neck rings that will allow the router bit to run around the edge and cut to the correct full depth. The skirt uses the Imperial skirt, so the mould for my Imperial build was bolted together, the seams waxed and everything given three coats of PVA release. Two coats of white tinted neutral gelcoat were painted on and two layers of 450 gsm fiberglass mat was added on using my usual paint roller. Four layers of 450 gsm fiberglass mat was added to the top and bottom of the skirt returns for strength. Demoulded and the PVA release washed off, the obvious faults were filled with builders bog, sanded to 80 grit and given two coats of spray putty to help show up the boo boos. The 95mm hemisphere moulds I made for the Imperial were cleaned, given a spray of PVA release, a coat of white gelcoat was painted in, and a single layer of 450 gsm fiberglass mat was coated with polyester resin. This will have to be repeated about a dozen times to make the 56 hemis, plus extras in case of damage, for all the hemis needed. That's it for this three day weekend. five days of work and I will be back at it, though I may be able to do a set of hemispheres a day before work.
  • Dalek Stew - NSD
    Hello all, after about two years lurking around on the forum I've decided to begin construction on my first dalek. Due to time/space constraints at the moment I figured it would be a good idea to start with the smaller bits and pieces until I have the space to house a full dalek. I started with the plunger which I had 3d printed at a local library. I also have the eye which is currently being printed. I'll likely begin larger construction once the weather gets a bit more hospitable (ah, Chicago)
  • Dalek Restorations
    Hi Dalek builders. Over the last couple of months I have been restoring several Daleks that I bought from a collection that was being broken up, I ended up with several props, some 1960 versions, a 70's version a lovely 1980's prop called "Bob" and an 2005 NSD. All the wooden parts were scrap and needed to be replaced, very evident in areas like the neck rings. Some parts were damaged and would need repairs and some parts were missing altogether like a 60's dome from one of the the two props I have so new moulds would need to be made. I have plans to modify the design manufacture like replacing the MDF or plywood neck rings on all my Daleks with Fibreglass parts so they could live outside with no issues. One Dalek, a 60's style prop, had the majority of an Invacare wheelchair within it that was scrap but I have a decent replacement so will be bashing that as a motorising system. If you are at all interested in building or customising your own Dalek then hang around and watch the fun!
  • The_Hybrid's Red Supreme
    My first step in building this Red Surpreme Dalek with a voice modulator is to download both the voice modulator manual and the Red Surpreme Dalek manual.
  • Invasion Earth Pilot-Drone Restoration
    Hello all! The final dalek I have to work on but the first I acquired! Bought this through eBay and when speaking to the seller found out about his others and that's how I ended up with the lot I've got! It's the best one out of the lot but still needs some restoration! So this is at the minute an Invasion Earth Saucer Pilot without the skirts uprights painted black. My plan is to make this into a multipurpose dalek, it can be an Invasion Drone, Invasion Saucer Pilot and a 2nd Movie Drone! How?!: -Two interchangeable domes, one silver for drones and one black for saucer pilot. - Removable black panels that can be attached to skirt when it is the saucer pilot. -Removable shoulder slats and mesh that can be added to make it into a 2nd movie drone, and movie beakers to be attached! That makes this dalek a 3in1! Heres a picture from back when it was listed on eBay: And here's a fender that the seller found to go with it: Loaded up with all the other bits! (and the seller!) Stack shots once it got back to where I've been storing it! And the skirt on top of the fender: (I didn't put the whole weight of the dalek on top as the fender is just fibreglass with no reinforcement at the minute!) And here it is squished into my yaris to be moved to a space closer to me to work on it! And here are some movie drone beakers I managed to get at half price from [content removed for copyright reasons] models because they were imperfect! They're not quite a perfect colour match but good enough for me as I figured as it's not permanently going to be a movie drone it probably won't get noticed! Here they are pictured on my custom dalek build before it was finished!
  • Farfromcardiff's NSD
    I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted some kind of craft project that I could work on with my three boys: children and power tools, what could possibly go wrong? So I've spent several evenings since then scouring the workshop manual, this forum, and all the reference photos. Warm thanks to everyone who was gone before me and documented everything so carefully. They say everyone's favourite Doctor is the one they first saw when they were growing up. I think the same is true of Daleks. Mine is definitely Genesis era. But there's something impressive about the NSD design and colour scheme, so that's what we're building. The aim is to build a by-the-book, gold and bronze NSD before youngest child finishes school. He's not quite 9 years old, so I'm giving myself some time! This project is going to be a stretch -- I don't have any significant experience with woodworking, fibreglass, etc. Youtube beckons for tips, tricks, and safety guidance. I decided not to tell the boys what we were making, to see how long it would take before they worked it out. They were happy enough to come and play in the garage without knowing exactly what it is they were contributing to. For now, that means keeping the plans and workshop manual away from them, and sketching out what we're going to do on paper beforehand. If you'd asked me where to start with building a Dalek, I would probably have started from the base and worked upwards, but conventional wisdom appears to be to start from the dome and work downwards. Who am I to argue with that? It took some thought and some nudging before they thought of a way to draw circles as big as we needed, and two attempts at drawing the former (at the end of which the dome is still slightly too short, but it's the right diameter, so we'll go with it). First attempts with the jigsaw showed more practice and better tools are needed. We finished the first session with the former sketched out and a base for the dome assembled. I've saved some polystyrene from a furniture delivery to bulk up the dome. That and a couple of bags of plaster await for the next session...
  • Sunny's Quick And Dirty Dalek
    I've been looking at all the AMAZING Dalek builds here, and I'm blown away. I came here searching for plans to build a quick and dirty lawn Dalek for Halloween. It's low budget. Let me say it again: low budget. It's built out of inexpensive and on-hand materials - there's some cardboard on the interior; the skirt and several other parts are cut from corrugated plastic, some on hand and some purchased for the project (gotta love Coroplast - the stuff is cheap, sturdy, and a very willing building material), and other parts include things like holiday ornaments, washi tape, hot glue, pipe insulation, and floral wire. I did buy the bronzier color spray paint, but the gold was already to hand. So here goes nothing... Step one: Cutting the base pieces out of Coroplast. Step two: Setting up for the skirt. If I've done it right, the box can come out at the end. If it needs the stability, though, I'll leave it. Since this is a roughly 3/4 size Dalek, and not intended to contain a person, I think the box won't cause any issues later on.
  • Death To The Daleks Restoration
    Hello all, This is another dalek that I acquired and plan to restore. It's all wooden and the skirt is made in two parts with a wheelchair motor I can hopefully get working. There were some bad parts on it and it's quite heavy so I tend to replace them/ make it lighter as well as a general restoration. Needs new neck rings as the MDF has badly warped and also a dome! Here's some pictures: Before I bought it: Stackshot after collecting: Moved to a new temporary home so I can work on it! Sadly knocked off a few balls getting it in the car... extra work that I could've otherwise left! Again thinking about cutting holes and pushing through balls but seems like a lot of effort for not much gain.