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  • Dr How's NSD - Clemantine
    At last! I get to put some time in on Clem. I turned my attention to the skirt, giving it a good coat of sanding sealer, smoothing down then hitting it with a liberal coat of spray putty and sanding in between. Getting the skirt all one colour allowed me to pick up on any imperfections and go at them with body filler, before smoothing again. I also keyed up the shoulders, ready for a splash of etch primer. Really feel like I have made some progress...And a lot of dust!
  • Doctor Who Books On The Internet Archive
    Fantastic find! Well done! Nice thing is you can download from the Internet Archive too, in quite a few formats, so great for an e-reader! Thanks a lot!
  • Ray Cusick Article - 1985 Doctor Who Magazine
    Doctor Who Magazine issue 105 from 1985: Note the big red number 3 on the Dalek's dome in the last image from the first story. The images are slightly oversized, but they contain original Daleks, so may be useful for research. Cheers, Scott.
  • 1984 / 1985 Sevans Dalek Adverts And Articles Found In Dw Magazine
    I found one advert, then my research turned into a little potted history of the beginnings of SEVANS Dalek kits! Found this right at the back of Doctor Who Magazine Issue 93.. Maybe the first advert...?? Thought it was rather nostalgic... Then in issue 99 from 1985 an article by DWM on his Daleks, early days as he apologised for production struggles: Issue 103 from 1985 saw DWM give away some SEVANS Dalek kits as prizes! And then POW! Issue 105 from 1985, a full colour advert right on page 2! The kits had made it big time! Within a year the ad went form Black and white at the back, to full colour at the front! It must have been fun (but probably stressful) to be Stuart Evans back then... Hope you found this as interesting as I did! Cheers, Scott
  • Dr Who Experience. Cardiff.
    Great to see - We're off to Cardiff to visit it for the first time (before it closes) quite soon! Can't wait!
  • Dalek Abbie
    here is an illustration for the assembled Arm with all parts put together, each probe is made of 3 parts, there are then 3 arms and the hub, a pulley ring behind and the Arm base and pivot.... i will be attempting to 3d print this as soon as my new roll of black arrives,
  • Hello From London Ontario Canada
    Hi Bryan, I am Cdngoose the Emperor of the Canadian Dalek Empire, we will be watching your build diary closely and if need be you can contact us directly. You posted this build update in the Hello and welcome section which is a great spot to introduce yourself, I would like to suggest that you start a build Diary in the builders section and post all further updates and questions there. We all look forward to following your progress. cdngoose Emperor Canadian Dalek Empire Dalek Dreadnaught, Dalek Nyder, Dalek Emperor, Davros, Dalek Audric, Dalek Drax, Tardis, Dalek Loonie, Toonie and Fin
  • Cdngoose's Dalek - Nyder
    Well Dalek Nyder had another great outing, though he still need some updates to his build he has been put to service which is why there are building posts mixed in with activities posts. This is his latest encounter whilst looking for the Doctor cdngoose
  • Hello From London Ontario Canada
    Hey guys Bryan from London Ontario Canada here, just started the build a short while ago, so far I've build the frame for the skirt and added a few panels. I started out with only having cut out a few panels, now that I'm attaching them I'm learning about something I read on here called the X factor as the panels are slightly off so I'm making them one at a time adjusting them as I go. That's where I am at so far.
  • Dalek Jade's Emperor Dalek
    Hi all more pictures of the Emperor Dalek build, upper fins assembled metal delivered and cut (many thanks Chris) lower and upper structure ready for welding tomorrow, more to follow. Brian (The small cog in the larger Dalek machine D=)
  • Doctor Who Books On The Internet Archive
    Hello, Did you know that a lot of books and magazines are stored on the internet archive? Bertus
  • Perforated Movie Neck Bin Mesh
    I hate to be negative, but the person I spoke to seemed to be going out of their way not to be helpful.
  • Perforated Movie Neck Bin Mesh
    The impression was that they don't cut it, that's how they get it.