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  • Ian's Planet Dalek
    This is a Planet build based on a hodge-podge of parts – a skirt and dome from my Dead Planet restoration, and a set of shoulders and a gun that I acquired earlier this year: I've been working on this with my son for a few months. The goal: to create a hand-painted, weathered Planet build loosely based on shots of Seven-2 on location. So, base first. Staring with the Dead Planet base, we added castors and stapled a 1.5mm thick neoprene strip around the edge: 1.5 inch aluminium angle, cut and screwed down: Sprayed matt black, and then weathered at the corners:
  • Josh's 60's Dalek
    Starting this now so I don't forget. I'll be building from the base upward. I have materials ready, and will post some progress soon.
  • Necros - Imperial Dalek
    With build diaries for both my sixties and seventies Daleks, I feel I should also start a thread for my other long term project - my eighties Dalek. I say project rather than build as a lot of the difficult fibreglassing work was undertaken by fellow member Dano, who is an expert on these particular Daleks. The starting point for this Dalek was a very accurate Necros GRP skirt and shoulders... These were given to me by Dan about ten years ago. I intended to finish them up as a Remembrace renegade so made up a dome, neck, fender, eye and arms. Then the project stalled. When building the fender I had also glassed a sheet of plywood into the bottom of the skirt to give it a more solid structure. However, I came to the conclusion that I had pushed the skirt bottom slightly out of shape doing this and had thus also built the fender to this odd shape. There was also a lot of uncertainty at the time about the sizing of the eighties hemis so I wasn't sure how to proceed. In the end I packed the bits away in a lockup garage and began work on my sixties build instead. I decided I’d come back to the Remembrance Dalek once I’d finished the sixties. Well, ahem, that ended up taking rather longer than I’d thought. By the time I finally got around to thinking about this Dalek again I had changed my mind. Remembrance is the only classic Dalek story I clearly remember watching at the time and it was the imperials rather than the renegades which had most impressed me. I wanted one of those instead! The Necros style shoulders aren’t right for the imperials so a new set was called for. I mentioned this to Dan a while ago and on a more recent visit to his I brought some fibreglass and we set about making me up an imperial shoulder section from his mould. I say we, but after a few minutes of glassing it became obvious that such a difficult GRP layup was beyond me so I took a step back and let Dan continue alone. This gave me an opportunity to take a snap showing what a complex job this is! I’ve fixed a plywood top into the cast (more carefully this time!) and begun the clean up job. Will have to work out how the arms are to be fixed in but so far so good. What about the existing renegade sections? I’ve decided to do those up as the top half of a Revelation Necros Dalek. The colour scheme is virtually the same as the Remembrance imperial so I can have both top halves painted the same but sharing one skirt. I took the renegade neck I’d made and altered the neck ring spacing so that the whole neck cage is raised slightly, as per the Necros props. When it came to choosing the paints, my first thought was to go for the Nissan 805 white which is thought to be a match for the original paint the Beeb used. I really did not like the look of it though. Accurate or not, it’s just too much of a deep cream colour for me. The Dalek would look like a giant milkybar! I’ve ended up going for Toyota white, which is probably significantly lighter than either props really had, but I prefer it over the Nissan stuff. It's a gloss finish so I'll have to use a matt lacquer for the imperial sections. For the gold I have used a Nissan paint. It probably doesn’t have enough bronze colour in it, but it has quite a nice antique look to it. For the appendages, I already had a renegade gun and plunger arm so it was simple enough to just repaint them. I had a cast Remembrance eye for the renegade, so again that was repainted into white and gold for the imperial. The newer appendages made were a Necros eye, plus an imperial gun and plunger arm. The eye was made using 25mm acrylic over 19mm steel tube, with a turned wooden eyeball. I scaled off an image for the sizes and discovered that the Necros eyestalks obviously can’t point downwards very far without the discs hitting the dome. The impy arms were made to the dimensions in the plans. Looking at pictures of the imperial guns I notice the main tube is sometimes set in from the outer rings so I have copied that stepped appearance at the front as I quite like the look of it. I’ve made the ball joints from fibreglass to keep them light. All painted up. The colours seem to be slightly bleached in the photo as Toyota white doesn’t look quite so colourless in reality. The Necros eye is still painted in the Nissan stuff here, but I have since repainted it. I have a pair of Maypole MP888 lamps for the Necros dome lights but have also made up a pair for the imperial top using EMA parts. I tried scaling various photos and decided that 69.9mm EMA elliptical dome was the correct one, so scaled the rest of the light around this. On the Necros top at the moment, but I will be working on the proper imperial top soon. I’ll probably just work on the upper sections for now, while I work out what I’m going to do about the fender and skirt bottom. My own deadline for this to be finished is October, which will be the 30th anniversary of Remembrance. I thought I’d start a build diary to motivate myself as it’s starting to feel more like the 30th anniversary of me first starting on this Dalek! J
  • Andyroid's Shawcraft Mk3 Dalek
    09/06/18 - Haven't actually started building, but we have downloaded the plans and began gathering materials.
  • Brian's NSD
    Hi there after deciding( thanks to my wife) that we were running out of room for Daleks and other stuff I gave my Shawcraft Mk ? 🙄 away so that i could Build my NSD one I bought the pre formed skirt and shoulders a couple of years ago and they have been in every room in my house waiting to get started. However i thought it would stand as i wanted to build my Mk1 (alan) from wood etc well hes been finished about a year now and also my 1/3 scale one.Having bought a 3D printer without any idea what to do with it or how to do it I downloaded some of the files of the 3D section of this forum. After lots of failures due mostly to me not having a clue I have now managed to produce some usable parts I have included some pics and these are as they came of the printer and no sanding down or anything. So heres the pics. Oil seal with an old hemi (cracked ) just to see if it fits😚. Eye pivot, completed eye. Cowl.. still needs gluing. Claw,.. Gunbox fronts, Slats. Im not sure where i got the files from but they are square with no cutout to fit inside the collars? So that's it it shouldn't be a long build i just hope i make a better job this time with the paint which i hate doing lol. So happy times another Dalek on the go. cheers Brian
  • Frankenstein Dalek
    I was lucky enough to watch Doctor Who in the 70s when I was a lad in Cornwall and will never forget watching John Pertwee regenerate into Tom Baker. To my delight, my two younger boys (age 10 and 9) are huge fans of the series. My goal with this project is to build a Dalek that captures the spirit of the show (and the creatures) rather than strict adherence to particular historical details. The impetus came from a friend who gave us a defunct power wheelchair. Ideally, the build will use this chair for motive power and let the boys operate from within. It is also highly desirable to startle onlookers with spooky sound effects, diabolical plot twists, and unexpected squirts of water. Because my own internal wiring is strange, I began the project with the Voice Modulator, using the board and instructions provided here on PDF. It took several weeks (I'm slow) but it now works great-- really sounds like a Dalek! Here's a snap of the chair (Known as "the Bobcat" and manufactured in early 90s) and intrepid junior Time Lords. The Bobcat is unusual design. The big wheels are in front and little castors trail behind. There is a space between the big wheels that was originally for an elevator chair. My plan is to dispense with the elevator and have operator sit atop the battery case (the rectangular rubber area seen below.)
  • Cardboard Necros Dalek
    Greetings All, I plan to build a cardboard dalek. I built a 70% scale cardboard dalek a couple of years ago, although the neck scale was way off (wheels too short and son too tall, so I stretched the neck bin to fit him). Things I learned in the previous build: The cardboard skirt was *really* strong. No changes there. The cardboard base was a few layers thick and was plenty strong too. One mistake I made was attaching the skirt panels to the base before skirt assembly, and folding them up into the prism shape. This created a nice strong bond between the base and the skirt, but the skirt didn't come out level on the bottom, so the base curled upward in the front. This time I'll make the skirt separately. I cheated on the shoulders. I extended the skirt panels upward to make the shoulders, but the shape was off (daleks are not true prisms). This time I'll make them separately. I thought about using yoga mat material to make the thick collars, but instead I think I'll include the collar shaping in the profile of the struts, and build off of that. The neck was too weak (pavers on sidewalks nearly destroyed it), so I'll need to build a proper neck bin. The dome was a bowl. I'm going to upgrade to fiberglass this time around. I'll either make a cardboard dome and fiberglass over it (no plug), or I'll use fiberglass tape and bondo over ribs, as suggested in the Builders Workshop Manual (again, no plug). I went to a fiberglassing demonstration at a local store shortly after my first build, so I have some experts who'll be happy to help (and sell me stuff). The dessert cup hemis were fragile in transport. I made plenty of extras for repairs, but I don't want to mess with it every time we go on the road. This time I'm using 4" plastic ornament halves, and I'll bolt them on. Then I can remove them on one side so it can lay flat in the car. No plan of attack for the eye stalk. In the previous build, it was a flashlight. Challenge: To have a removable rolling seat. I'd like my son to be able to stand up and walk in it, or a adult to sit and trundle. I put roller-blade type wheels on our office chair to keep it from damaging the floor. The big wheels roll nice and smooth, so I imagine something similar. I like the idea of an adjustable height. Things I already have: hemispheres gold spray paint (4 cans to start) cream spray paint (1 can to test the color). DAP Contact Cement (may use construction adhesive instead, for fewer fumes) two-part epoxy (for hemisphere bolts, self mixing tips!) Things I've ordered: cardboard - 40" x 48", Pack Of 20 ($34) plastic nuts and bolts for the hemis ($28) posterboard (big cardstock, some for dalek, some for kids' school project stash) yoga mat, 1/2 inch thick (may not use) Those are my thoughts so far. I have about three months for the build (like the last one), so I'm anxious for things to arrive!
  • Help
    Erm.. I'm not sure how to delete a topic, sorry. I thought I was just adding on the my dalek build diary but ended up with this... can someone please help?
  • John Hogg's NSD Restoration
    Can't get hang of this forum stuff lots posts are like from 2016 etc any local glasgow dalek builders that can help out with assembled nsd dalek that I want to re paint and replace parts, fix my dome and eye need info on bolts for skirt, I have most of the parts just need help with dome once I strip it down, what bulbs should I get etc and need a new front panel
  • Sandy Pownall's NSD
    Hi all I am Sandy and have started a NSD dalek, have nearly finished the fender and skirt. Its been fun so far and bringing back memories of model making in my past both amateur and professional. Here are a couple of photos to start with. If there is anyone nearby it would be nice to chat.
  • Damien's Dalek
    Well, im off to a slow start, however, i managed to obtain an mk5 board and working on getting it build with a friend of mine who is an electronics expert. Just waiting on one part this is missing from the board that stops it from operating. Haven't tested it but all it due time. Also, if all go wells, I might be getting a kit by donation to help me start my project. I am hoping to have better progress within the next month.
  • James's 1960s Power Dalek
    Hello! Early January this year I commissioned a prop maker to build me a Dalek, it has taken around 12/13 weeks to create and is a default late 1960s style Dalek, here are some of the highlight building photos! And the completed Dalek, it's honestly fantastic! I'll make a Showcase post once I've got some photos taken.
  • Urban Spaceman's NSD
    So, 2018 marks ten years since my last Dalek build (my 3rd build) – where the heck did those years go?! Anyway, as I no longer own any of those three previous builds and having lots of lovely new machines to play with I thought I’d do it all again. Since my last build ( the tools and technology available to Dalek builders has moved along phenomenally and I’ll be taking full advantage of the equipment I didn’t have in the past for the new build. Despite the extra toys I don’t expect the build will be a quick one as I won’t be able to work on it at weekends, plus my other creative endeavours, which will be largely funding the new build, must come first. One thing new to me this time though is actually making the dome from scratch and I’ll actually be using the old fashioned tried and tested way of plaster plug and grp mould. (Progress pic below along with photos of my new toys :-))