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  • Alex's NSD
    This is my Dalek Builder diary/ Now I finished 50% of my work and i will posted every day pictures of my build. In this pictures we can see 30 ordered plastic ball. 3D Eye and Gun. And also Cuttiing for skirt.
  • Matthew's Dalek Supreme - Blitz
    Introducing Dalek Supreme Blitz! After the success of building Dalek Nero, I've decided that I want to build another Dalek. This time is a 1965 Dalek Supreme that was featured in The Chase, Mission to the Unknown and The Daleks Master Plan. The black paint will be much better and easier to do then silver paint. Without further ado let's begin on his progress. We first decided to do the shoulders first so we can get the slats out of the way since it was hard and yet we've still got to make them, same for the lower body and hemispheres. The shoulders are near completion, but that is it for the moment. Please look out for further updates on Blitz as they become available. Here are pictures of the shoulders we have done.
  • Open Casing Modification And Mutant
    Hi all! I am in my second year studying prop making (building my first dalek was a gateway to so much - I am incredibly grateful for this site and everyone who contributes, it has genuinely changed my life), and for my final uni project I have decided to sculpt and mould a dalek mutant (2005- style). We're encouraged to consider how to display each of our final pieces as we have a final end of year exhibition. I have decided to (temporarily) modify one of my daleks with the shoulder section raised to reveal the finished mutant inside. I have begun collecting parts to make and dress the interior, and I will be taking design inspiration from the casing interior as seen in 2005, as well as my own imagination to better match my dalek (Series 9 style Mk 1 - my reasoning being that as they appeared with the NSDs in series 9 it would not be unreasonable for them not to have too dissimilar casing interiors, or mutants). I've made some rough concept images of my dalek to give a general impression of how it may look, with the possibility of removing the arm and gun, similar to how the sections were shown when they were raised in Power of The Daleks. By the end I may include light, sound and smoke effects to fully show off the finished mutant. With any luck I'll have the more structural stuff done over Christmas as I need access to my dalek to make sure everything fits and is structurally secure. The more detailed elements I can work on between then and our final exhibition, when I can take my daleks into uni for display, which should be fun!
  • Zach's NSD - Cassie
    So, after having lurked on the Forum for probably close to a year now, I have decided to embark on my own Journey of building a Dalek to call my own, and the 2005 NSD seems like just enough a mix of all the other models to make me happy. However, I have absolutely no resources, or, for that matter, skill, necessary to build her out of MDF or alternative woods, so I have made the decision to use one of the few resources I feel semi-comfortable with, EVA foam, in the form of puzzle mats and 1mm sheets for detailing. So far I've only gotten so far as to cut out half of the skirt, and have done no assembly, but intend to make the most progress during my winter break from school, so I'll be sure to keep updated when the time comes for the real work time. I mostly wanted to make this post now so as to attain whatever assistance and suggestions you all might be able to provide in regards to building a primarily foam Dalek.
  • Scientist Tech NSD
    Dalek number two has been started. This time, it is the wifey that is slightly jealous of all the fun I have been having with the Red Supreme, and she wants one of her own. Whether or not she's actually going to drive it still remains to be seen, but she did have an idea for her own color scheme. I desperately tried to convince her to do an NS version of the Time Controller based off a Deviant Art Photo I had found years ago... I was unfortunately unsuccessful. I had so many cool ideas to play with this design... including chasing light patterns in the diagonal rings. She insisted, and and a good husband, I OBEYED. We already knew is was going to be NS style, as I have MANY spare parts for the Red Supreme Build. Not to mention, a spare skirt that needs to be utilized! The Dalek will be a mash-up from Dr. Who and another Series that's in a galaxy far far away. I know someone here has done a similar design, so we have opted to call this one the NS Scientist Technician Dalek. The color scheme was easy to pick out: Imperial White, Silver, and Shiny Royal Metallic blue! A test needed to be conducted with the paint and glossy coat. The hemisphere was a natural choice, and it looked great. Then came the odd request: Polka-Dots. I immediately froze in FEAR! But then I remembered the classic series, and I sighed in relief. The wife was appeased. But it still needed a further test. Back to the garage, and cook up a few more hemis and white out part of the skirt... I feel it works. Sort of a nod to the classic Supreme Daleks, albeit it a bit more BOLD. It was back to the garage for more tinkering and getting started. Okay... the caps on the title of this didn't submit they way I typed it.... Should be NS "Scientist Technician" Dalek
  • F.P.V. Dalek
    I am new to this group and about to embark on my first Dalek build. I have done drones and some robotics (one for Halloween) but I feel I am ready for something fun. I like the TDP version’s look and have already downloaded those plans. The intent is to have a full size Dalek with remote control and FPV (First Person View) capabilities. This would involve building mechanical analogs of eyes, ears, and mouth for the robot connected to personal googles, earpieces, and mic. The hope is to provide an experience of being the Dalek without sitting inside the unit. I am starting with the base of an Invacare TDX electric chair. Inside of that I have a battery and the electronics. I wrote the Arduino sketch that controls the four motors for the original bot. I do not know at this point all devices I will have for the Dalek but I plan on these basics. Left/Right, Forward/Back movement Eye Stalk Up/Down Dome rotate Left/Right Camera in Eye Stalk Microphone in dome Digital FM receiver and speakers in body I will be using this site often for information and guidance for the build. To start with, what is the best way to decide on a name for my Dalek? It would be nice in incorporate FPV somehow since that is the theme. Fovep? List of current parts: Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller Sabertooth Dual 25A Motor Driver 2 of HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC Crazepony Power Distribution Board PDB with 5V 12V Output Support up to 6 esc Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch EACHINE OKKAN EK1119 1100TVL Tiny FPV Camera 1/3 CMOS Sensor 150 Degree Lens AKK K31P 5.8GHz 40Ch 600MW FPV AV Transmitter RadioLink Remote Control System AT9 2.4G 9CH Transmitter R9D Receiver Signstek 0.5 W 05B Dual Mode Long Range Stereo Broadcast Home FM Transmitter FatShark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles I have limited time so the build will go slow. If there is any one in the Phoenix area that wishes to help, that would be great. Otherwise advice and answers to my occasional questions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  • 2nd Movie Saucer Commander Dalek
    Hi All So I've made a start yesterday on the skirt of my movie Dalek, Dilbert. I thought that this looked to be a reasonably easy place to start and to get a few runs on the board. The top and bottom of the skirt are 12mm plywood. I measured out the angles carefully and started with the top of the skirt. It all went well except for the last cut....of course. Still I think once the edge of the shape is angled to take skirt panels it should be okay. The cutting of the bottom of the skirt went much better after sorting out the method with the top panel. No stuff ups this time. So once that was done I made three uprights to bring the top of the skirt to the correct height and after checking the alignment I screwed these into place. From here I made a template for the front of the skirt and marked that up onto an off cut of plywood. That'll be the next piece to work on. Before final assembly of the pieces I'll take them apart and cut the holes for my feet and shoulders and also chamfer the edges of the frame to take the panels. Any advice on the best way to figure out the chamfer and how to cut it would be appreciated. Cheers, Gordon
  • Justin Lawson's Imperial - Quade
    Well I've decided to do another - but this time and Imperial. I have named Him Quade. So like my NSD Damek I'm going to start with a target budget - of just $300 Aus and some rules. Rules I'll list all the parts and the costs to keep me on track. It will be mainly made out of wood or MDF with lots of off the shelf parts. No jigs, casting or fiberglass work - so the average handyman could knock one out (I'm only doing one, so what I build gets used). All basic tools will be used - I will use a water jet cutter to speed the process up on the skirt but it could be done using a saw. 1 Year to complete the build - My shed night is Fridays for about 2 hours = 52 x 2 = 104 hours of usable time. $300 Aus to spend on the build - not including voice or mobility as I will use Damek's when needed. The skirt. I ended up drawing the skirt in a DXF format and laying it out so that I could fit it on the smallest possible sheet. The sides all fitted on a 1200 x 2400 6mm MDF sheet at a cost of $20Aus The base fender and upper skirt rings fitted on a 1200 X 900 12mm MDF sheet at a cost of $15Aus Add three tubes of construction adhesive $6Aus to stick it together. Total so far $41Aus I will need screws and other fixing materials to put him together - but ill get them once I've cut the base out I have included my DXF files for those that can read them - If I have made an error ill update the drawings later Imperial Fender 1200x900x12. Imperial.dxf Next cutting......
  • Ianaaa's Manshed Dalek
    Well, here goes... I've read a zillion articles, builds, etc on this excellent site, but I still feel extremely nervous - trepidatious even (except that I don't know how to spell that). So , my first decision was that I wanted a motorised dalek, as I'm way to old and lazy to use foot power for more that a couple of weeks, and then only on dance floor flat surfaces. Off to the local auctions I went and came back with not one, but two motorised wheelchairs. On ebay they seem to go for about £150, so I got my first one for £45, and then couldn't resist the next one at just £25! So the first one is for resale. Stripping it down took longer than expected, as it had hydraulic everything on it that needed disconnecting. A word of warning here folks to anyone that is thinking of buying one - they are incredibly heavy and take three men to lift. Trailers only, they wont go in the back of a car! My plan is to build the skirt and base next. Maybe weld a few horizontal struts onto the wheelchair lower frame so that the skirt slots on top. It seems a waste to break down the chair further as it is so stable. Any thoughts out there? Ian
  • Crashbang Lab's NSD
    I am part of a makerspace here in Regina, Saskatchewan on the Canadian prairies. We have decided that a Dalek will make a great group project for our members this year(I don't know of another one in this area). Sunday afternoons are scheduled as build days and we have 6 or 7 members who wish to take part. It should serve as a great demonstration of the various capabilities of our space such as 3d printing, electronics, woodworking, etc. We already have two copies of the Build Manual so we are ready to go on that front. We decided to build a new series Dalek based on my impulse buying since I had already ordered a dome for that model when we met to make the decision (sorry fellow members). I also ordered a circuit board for the speech system so I can get our electronics guys working on that. We will be starting with the base so I am ordering Xmas balls this week as well. I have also been busily downloading all the parts that we can 3d print and we are getting started on them this week. First question for the group - Would you recommend 3d printing all of the oil seals or should we print a couple and then make moulds to cast the rest from resin? Haven't done resin casting before so I don't know about the relative time or cost of the two methods. No pictures yet but I hope to have something to show you all next week.
  • Radio Times Dalek Refurbishment
    The other week I won this Dalek on an Ebay auction, to my surprise it was a Radio Times build, if not a bit oddly proportioned, over the next couple of weeks I worked on refurbishing it for Halloween, its not quite done, I need to make some mesh and new slats as well as build a new plunger arm and I'm not too happy with how the dome came out so I'll probably rebuild it more to shape.
  • Daleklisak's 60s Dalek - Burnard
    Well it was about time I came back. After creating a Dalek four months ago for my art project and feeling dissatisfied with the results and lacking the room to contain one at my home I finally decided to come back and try building a truly accurate Dalek that can be used with no pressure from a teacher or parents. Already I am getting a dome to be arriving on the 24th, updated build plans have been printed, scanning over build diaries and so on. Tomorrow I will be going around my local B&Q and Wickes to look for materials (For now the right diameter of metal rods to build the whisk and eyestalk) in hopes on getting started, though I am having my doubts about finding said rods due to the specific diameter needed, especially for the thin rods for the whisk. Any recommendations are always welcome ! Also for the ball joints and eyestalk after looking at others using the same technique would a few magic eight balls do the trick ? Found some to buy online but wanted to make sure they were good before buying them. Here is a picture of the dome. Been so excited to get back the Dalek fever !!
  • Wayne's Brisbane Dalek
    Hello Dalek builders group. Today marked the start of my first dalek build. I am using this experience as an opportunity to learn a host of new skills. Sadly, based on my previous track record with previous projects, this build is likely to take about 30 years until it is completed. As I have access to a bunch of cool CNC machines I thought that I would begin by asking if someone has digitised parts of the plans for CNC cutting or is this something that I should do myself? Anyway, the build started by vacuum forming a few plastic domes. I will probably make a few modifications to the plug including adding mounting collars before using these to vacuum form the next bunch. If I get all this done before Christmas I'll count it as a success. Photos to come.