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Shawcraft also continued to produce scale concept models for the architectural and engineering industry and carried out occasional prop-building work for the film industry. This type of work continued well into the 1980s.

Bill Roberts retired and sold Shawcraft in July, 1987 to David Harrington of L & R Engineering. The company continued at Rockingham Road until it was finally wound down by liquidator’s Ian Holland and Co., who were appointed on the 19th January 1998.

Shawcraft Van

The distinctive Shawcraft van, pictured in 1967.

 Bill Roberts had moved from his Southall terraced home back in 1956 and retired to Swallowfield, a detached house in Swallow Street, Iver Heath, in the grounds of which he designed and built a large detached bungalow, where he died in November 1990. His wife had died six months earlier, in May. They were survived by a daughter, Annette, and two sons. Young Bill developed a specialist classic-car restoration business in the Thames Valley while David, the younger son, has been involved in a small way in producing effects over the years. Now his own son Matt Roberts is employed in the same industry as a special effects supervisor currently working on Game Of Thrones.

The former Shawcraft workshops in Rockingham Road, Uxbridge were recently up for sale and their eventual fate is not known. It is possible that they could be demolished for re-development. This would be a sad end to a building which has helped to create so much history. Many would argue that such a place deserves preservation, recognition and a blue plaque. Time will tell.


The information within this history was gathered together from the following sources: (article by K. DeMaurney Gibbons, originally published in the Richings Park Gazette). (Smithsonian national Air and Space Museum) archive (information on Victor Woodason) (Doctor Who Magazine). 

Special thanks to Dave Roberts and Julie Killick for supplying corrections and additional information.

Histpic10 Dalek at Shawcraft

Dalek at the Shawcraft workshops during routine maintenance.

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