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The dome being test fitted to the neck section

At this point the dome and neck are 'bare'. The dome has been given a good coating of 'spray putty' to fill up any small defects. You can also see the filler used around the neck struts. The eye and domelights have been temporarily added for reference purposes.

More work needed to be done on the pivot mechanism for the eyestalk. The black paint on the eye pivot has rubbed away, because the piviot fits too tightly in the eye slot. Better to get this sort of thing fixed before the final painting takes place!



Dome after a good deal of finishing

The dome (gelcoat/fibreglass) was cast using a plaster mould, as per the Workshop Manual.

I managed to get two domes from the plaster mould before it was too damaged to use. The dome edge was trimmed with a sharp knife while the fibreglass was still 'green' (soft enough to cut). A great deal of time was spent getting a good finish.

Spray putty (see previous picture) was used to fill any defects, and then came lots and lots of wet-n-dry sandpaper (used wet). Note that I've opted for a 'rounded' bottom to the eye slot. This pays homage to one particular dome from the 1960s.