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Lay up

Lay up...

A two-part mould was created from each plaster ring. This view shows the top part of the mould.

The spokes are corrugations made from strips of foam. These have been placed between the layers of fibreglass to add extra strength. The mould covers the entire ring, plus around two inches of 'flat' onto the baseboard.

Two inches are also added to the other half of the mould, so that the two mould halves can be bolted together.

Ring moulds

Three fibreglass ring moulds...

This photograph shows the three ring moulds. The idea is that the mould halves are bolted together and then the gelcoat and fibreglass are laid up into the small gap on the inner edge of the mould. This will produce a neckrings that are hollow and also have an open inner edge.

Each ring will then be filled with expanding foam, and filler used to finish off the inner surface. Result: an ultra-lightweight neckcage.