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Finished fibreglass hemisphere


Fibreglass hemispheres...

Here are two fibreglass hemispheres pulled from the mould shown on the previous page. They have been laid up in blue gelcoat, so the colour is part of the fibreglass and will not scratch off. The flanged recess on the mould has created very neat edges. This looks nice now but won't be seen once the hemispheres are fixed into the skirt.

Making fibreglass hemis takes a lot of time and effort, but the results are worth it. Remember to purchase and mix enough pigment to do a whole set of fifty six, otherwise colour variations may occur.





No more foot power...

A little while after completing the Dalek, I managed to purchase a secondhand electric (24-volt) wheelchair. This was stripped down and the motors, seat and controls were adapted to fit inside the Dalek's skirt and shoulders. The fact that the skirt could split in half made fitting quite easy.

The photo shows the motors and battery boxes in position below the seat. The control unit is resting on the top of the battery boxes, awaiting the construction of a shelf.