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John: 1970s Dalek

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This Dalek was built in 2012 and based on the props featured in 'Genesis Of The Daleks'. 

All the major sections of this Dalek are made from fibreglass. This includes the dome, neck rings, neck bin, shoulders, skirt, hemisheres, slats, collars and (outer) base. The only wooden component is the inner base support, which holds the weight of the wheels and the operator.


 How it was done...

The under construction in the mould
Here we see the fibreglass dome, still in the mould. The rough edges have been trimmed away, leaving a smooth edge which only requires a light sanding to finish off. The dome was removed from the mould by using a single plastic wedge to make a gap wide enough to get the end of an air gun into, in order to add compressed air.
All fibreglass neck cage
This neck bin is made entirely from fibreglass. The top and bottom sections were made in MDF and then moulds were made. The struts were cast from moulds made from plastic angle. All parts were bonded together using fibreglass chopped strands. This assembly is much, much lighter than a wooden equivalent.
Fibreglass neck rings
The neck rings were also made from fibreglas. As with all the other major sections, they were made using grey pigmented gel coat, so no paint was required to finish them. The struts which are inserted to make the neck cage were made from carbon fibre tubing.
The fibreglass shoulders, partially de-moulded
This is the shoulders, partially out of the mould. Because of their strong fibreglass construction, no internal frame was required. This gives the operator a little extra elbow room when operating the Dalek. Later, fibreglass collars and fibreglass slats were added. All these items were though-pigmented grey and therefore, did not require painting.
The skirt, under construction, in the mould
This is the skirt, freshly laid-up and still in the mould. Later, once the composite was dry, the top and bottom mould returns were removed and the mould's three side sections were separated in order to extract the skirt from the mould. Fifty six holes were then cut, one for each hemisphere. These were then added, through the holes, from the inside and fibreglassed into position. Like the rest of the Dalek, the hemispheres were made from pigmented (black) fibreglass and required no painting.
Fibreglass base section with wooden insert
The base section was also made from fibreglass. The original mould was made so that the edges looked as though they were made from rubber, while in reality, they are tough and very scuff resistant. A wooden insert was added into the base to help support the wheels. This is the only wooden component on the entire Dalek.