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 Neck ring former


Alternative neckring method.....

Remember the dome former from the Workshop Manual (and Radio Times plans)? This gave me the idea of using something similar to create a set of fibreglass neckrings.

This method has never been used before (as far as I know) and the whole thing was fairly experimental. The photo shows one of the wooden 'formers' used to shape the plaster into a ring. This is bolted down to the centre of a board so that it can be rotated smoothly.



 Plaster ring


Rough guide...

The plaster needs to be at just the right consistency for this to work. Too wet and it runs everywhere.
Too dry and it 'pulls' as the former is rotated, causing rough areas and gaps.
Bhe easiest way of starting the ring semmed to be to form a rough circle of dollops of plaster, using the former over the top to consolidate the general shape. Small holes and 'thin' areas needed extra plaster adding in order to fill out to the correct profile.