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Drying out

Drying out...

This is one of the three plaster neckrings drying out.
The final rings were quite strong and I was able to pick them up off the baseboards and stack them.
After a little 'finishing' with fine sandpaper, they were sealed with G4 sealer.

Care had to be taken with the sharp outer edge, as it was quite
fragile and could easily have been chipped at this stage.

Three rings

Three rings...

Here are all three plaster neckings - glossy with G4 sealer, which is the stuff that is used to seal concrete ponds to make them watertight.

The next stage involves giving the rings (and baseboards) a good coating of mould-release wax, ready for adding the gelcoat and fibreglass, in order to make the top halves of each two-part mould.