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The shoulders were constructed from bendy MDF fitted to a wooden frame. The two sheets of bendy MDF were joined at the sides. In the photograph you can see the filler, used to conceal the join.

This position was chosen as it is less obtrusive on the finished shoulders than a 'front to back' seam.

Finished shoulders

Finished shoulders...

This is a moody view of the completed shoulders. As you can see, much of the surface has been hidden by the collars, mesh and slats.

All these components are made from aluminium. The collars and slats were all cut from a single sheet of 1.5mm aluminium. Steel mesh should be avoided at all costs as it is extremely sharp and dangerous to handle.

The inner surface of the shoulder section has been lined with thin foam. This was done to form an acoustic buffer between the microphone and the speakers, reducing feedback through the voice mod - the 'ring modulator'.