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Stacked pile of finished 4" (101mm) hemispheres


Ready to fit...

Finished and sprayed, these hemispheres are ready to be fitted through the holes in the skirt section. Glue from a hot-glue gun is a good method of fixing these in place. They will stand a few knocks but will still 'pop' out, should you wish to swap to a different colour or need to repaint the skirt.For a more permanent and much tougher fit, use fibreglass to hold them in position. Fibreglass holds them so well that they will not pop out, no matter how much punishment they get!


Hemisphere mould


Fibreglass hemispheres...

If you want to go for 'authentic' 1960s-style Dalek hemispheres, you need to use fibreglass, laid up with the correct colour gelcoat, so that no painting is necessary. Here a mould has been prepared for making eight hemispheres at once. This mould was created by sinking eight four-inch balls into holes in a wooden frame, so that only the top half of them was exposed. A raised 'flange' ring was also added to make the finished hemis neater.r.

The whole frame was waxed and then this mould was created using fibreglass. This mould is a direct 'negative' copy of the original wooden 'ball frame'.