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What have we here?

Well, it's the beginnings of an eyeball, made from a stainless-steel sugar bowl. These sugar bowls were available from branches of Wilkinsons and Matalan (in the UK) throughout 2002/2003. You might still come across one.

The first job was to 'wiggle' the three small feet off the main assembly and fill the slight indentations to achieve a smooth surface. Next, the top part of a baked bean tin was glued to the front using epoxy resin. A little filler has been added to the seam to finish the job. The inner lip of the bean tin makes a great 'flange' for holding the iris assembly in position.



Eye parts


Time to cut out some Perspex

Here you can see the rim of the iris and the opaque white disc that has been cut for the centre.

This is going to be a 1960s-style eyeball, so no pupil will be added. Using just these pieces, glued together, will give you a good-looking iris, but I wanted to go a stage further. I wanted to give the eye some 'depth', so I added a clear Perspex front and a spacer behind the rim. For details, continue to the next page.