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Inside the skirt


From the top...

A view from above, showing the seat and the joystick unit. I couldn't make my mind up which side to fit the controls on, so I ended up fitting them in the centre. The motors can be controlled with either hand, leaving the other hand free to work the plunger, eye or gun.

The makeshift golfball knob was eventually replaced with a nice shiny black one!



Voice Modulator


Shoulder electrics...

Aview of the various electronics housed in the shoulder section. The big grey box is the 'ring modulator' that gives the operator's voice that familiar Dalek sound. To its right is a small fusebox for the lights, ring modulator and water gun.

The red switch controls the power to the lamp in the eyeball. The white cable on the bottom connects to the pump for the water gun, which is housed in the front of the skirt. The gun is activated by pushing the black gun handle forwards. This makes the gun's internal metal strips poke out (as per the TV originals), while water shoots out of the central pipe.