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As the picture shows, the 'white' of the iris is set back slightly, so the rim casts a shadow, giving a better illusion of it being a 'seeing device'.

From top to bottom, the parts are... Rim (black Perspex), eye cover (clear Perspex disc), bigger inner rim (black Perspex), spacer ring (hidden but in black Perspex) and finally the white Perspex backing disc.

All the rims and discs were cut using a holesaw set, mounted in a drill press. Where the correct size hole saw was not available, the part was made oversize and then sanded down by mounting and spinning it in the drill press.


Eye stalk parts


The eye-disc assembly...

This was also made from Perspex, using the holesaw set. A length of plastic tube (sprayed silver on the inside) has been used to make the spacers between the discs.

The central rod comprises of two lengths of 'threaded tube' (used in the production of table lamps). This tube is ideal for illuminated eyestalks, as it gives you the perfect way to run a cable through.

The plastic 'buffer' and bulbholder are detachable, to allow for future access to the bulb, which is going to be inside the eyeball.