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Bulb detail...

This lamp assembly is made from various bits of plastic with the bulbholder glued to the end.
A brass retaining nut has been glued into a hole in the underside of the assembly.

The whole assembly can be unscrewed and then replaced, once the eyeball has been added.
The wire is channelled up the central threaded tube and then through the brass nut. 
A small notch has been cut in the bulbholder to allow the wires to connect to the terminals.



Fitting the lens


Fitting the lens...

With the eyeball fixed in place, it's time to add the 'lens'. This photo gives you a better insight into the "Perspex sandwitch" used to make the iris unit. This fits snugly into the front of the eyeball. A few tiny dabs of PVA glue have been used to ensure that it is secure.

If it ever needs to be removed to change the bulb, this will be a straightforward task. A small suction cup, like those used on a child's toy, will be used to pull the two sections apart.

My fingernails are clean on this occasion - they'd had time to recover after I'd built the shoulders!