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Eye stalk pivot


Eye-stalk pivot...

The pivot is made from two pieces of MDF. This one is slightly thinner than it should be, but this is to allow for the addition of 1.5mm aluminium sheet facing.

The threaded tube runs all the way through the pivot. The two nuts in the foreground will be glued into the sides. They will be used to attach the pivot to the brackets inside the dome.

Although this is a 1960s-style eyestalk, I've given the pivot a flat front because I prefer this 'look' and it also allows the tube to mate up with the pivot more effectively. 




Aluminium Facing


Aluminium facing... 

The holesaw set has been used again, this time with the drill press on its slowest speed, to cut through 1.5mm aluminium! The aluminium facing gives the pivot a superb finish, making it look like a solid lump of metal. The edge is finished off with a strip of thinner metal glued into position with contact adhesive (not shown). 

Bolts and a washer are used to hold the whole eyestalk together. You can also see the other end of the wiring and the final resting place of the two captive nuts, which are now hidden behind the aluminium facing, in the pivot's centre.