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neck rings


Neck rings...

Made from MDF and cut on a bandsaw. The entire bandsaw was angled to achieve the chamfered angle on the edge - not something I would recommend. Cutting neckings with a router is probably the best bet.

The holes around the inside edge were drilled before the inner circle was cut out. Each hole comprises of three small holes that run into each other. Pilot holes were drilled first to stop the drillbit from skipping into the adjacent holes.


Test fitting the struts


Test fitting the struts...

A60s-style neckcage needs eight trefoil struts. This kind of moulding is no longer available. Each one of these struts had to be made from individual pieces of dowel, glued together to make the 'cloverleaf' shape.

Here we see the struts being test fitted into the lower ring. Because the neck is slightly conical in shape, some adjustment often needs to be done to the angle of the holes through which the struts are fitted. The holes are easily modified with a round file and a bit of patience.

Note that each strut has already had its slanted top angle cut.