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Thrown together


Thrown together...  

This is the first test fitting of all the unfinished Dalek parts. The dome is still a little wonky on the neckcage. The neckbin has had a layer of tinted plastic film fitted.

This was eventually removed as it caused a terrible 'drumming' sound when the Dalek was wheeled over uneven surfaces!



Sprayed up


Sprayed up...

The finished neckcage, all shiny and gleaming in its new coat of silver. This topcoat followed several hours of priming and sanding, until the surfaces were glassy smooth. The neckcage is labour intensive and time consuming, but is well worth the effort.

Once assembled, the neckcage isn't the easiest part to sand and finish. Care must also be taken during spraying, because the shape of the cage makes it very easy for areas to be missed or runs to occur.