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John's Pink Sevans Dalek 

John's Pink Movie Dalek.

 Pink Dalek with shadows. Pink Dalek looking away.

This is a Sevans '2 footer' Movie Dalek which was finished in pink at the request of John's daughter. In all respects (other than the colour scheme), it is quite accurate to the 2nd Movie Daleks. So much so that it was previously presented as a full size build, with history, on this site, as an April fool!

Chris Kingbee's original Sevans Dalek

Chris Kingbees' Sevans Dalek KitChris Kingbees 80s Dalek.

Chris says, "I was rummaging through an old box of photos, when I came upon these. The Destiny (not pictured here) and 60's generic were pre-ordered when they first appeared, advertised in DWM.
The Revelation was slightly later, though still with the original gun design, I added the extra neck bin section and modified base myself for authenticity. All three of these are still in existence, but they have to share two plungers between them".

Don Lovelock's Scale Hovabout

Don Lovelock's Dalek Hovabout aka Transolar DiskDon Lovelock's scale hovabout build.

Not a Dalek but an unusual Dalek accessory...

Seen here being 'piloted' by a Product Enterprises 6" Dalek is Don's amazing scratch built Dalek Hovabout, also known as a 'transolar disc'. The process of putting this item together is covered in detail, on the Forum, in Don's step-by-step build diary. Well worth a read!

Grunter7's all metal Dalek

Gunter 7's all Metal DalekAmazing all metal scale Dalek.

Grunter's Dalek is approx 250mm high. The base plate is aluminum, machined to profile of the skirt. The skirt is made from stainless steel sheet with tig welded panels. The hemispheres are made from brass turned on a lathe then polished. The shoulders are made from aluminum and the slats are made from brass, machined with a slitting saw on the mill, then polished and screwed onto the shoulders. More details on the Forum!

Jon Kearey's Daleks

Jon's Sevans two footers.Patrolling the garden.

Jon refurbished his Sevans 2ft Movie Dalek, which inspired him to give his Sevans TV kits the same treatment. The theme for this refurbishment was 'Day Of The Daleks'. As you can see, the three Daleks from that story have been recreated in exact detail. Particular attention has been paid to the colour schemes, which look absolutely perfect, when compared to photographs of the original props. 

Edz's Classic Dalek, Charlie

Edz's 1cm to 1 inch Dalek.Scale classic Dalek.

Edz says, "I decided some years ago to get my old modelling tools out and have a go at at Dalek. I've not made one for many years and thought one of my old mate's would appreciate his favourite "Dead Planet" style for his 40th birthday. It's made using the tried and tested ping pong ball method.  Works out nicely as 1cm = 1 inch. The construction is mainly of artists mounting board with a few odds and ends of plastic and perspex, aluminium for the belts and fibreglass for the dome.