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In situations where building a full size Dalek in impractical for reasons of storage etc, members often take the plans and scale them down to produce wonderful Dalek models.

These pages features some of the model Daleks from the Project Dalek Forum's 'Scale Daleks' section. Some of the featured builds are adapted versions of commercially available model kits, such as the Sevans 12" Dalek kit and the larger Sevans 3rd scale Movie Dalek kit. Others are completely scratch built...


Dan L's Comet Miniatures Dalek

scale danlbigDanL's Dalek, photo 2.

Dan says...

"I just remembered that I had built a Comet models Dalek many years ago, & thought it was in the loft. After a good hunt here he is, still in one piece, a little dusty & paint going a tad yellow, but he's now got pride of place next to my monitor, to give me some inspiration. Also to keep an evil eye on me! Hope you like him".

Thalspy's 'Mini Genie'

Thalspy's radio control mini-GenieThalspy, Genie screengrab.

Mini Genie was the original inspiration behind Grant's full size Dalek build, featured in the Showcase section. Mini Genie was originally a standard Product Enterprises 12" remote control Dalek, before being stripped down and heavily modified, including 360º dome rotation! Full details of this customization are available in the 'Mini Genie' topic, on the Forum.

Stan's Dalek

Stan's scale Dalek modelStans scale Dalek build.

This is a half size Dalek which is motorized. Stan made his own PCBs to control the Dalek. Having made other models, Stan made certain he had easy access to everything inside the Dalek. The overall the cost was $600. (included several one off costs like the PCBs, that could be used in many projects). See more of Stan's Dalek here.

Adrian's (Adrwis1's) Dalek

Adrian's scale Dalek modelScale adrwis1 1970s Dalek.

Adrian says, "This was my first attempt at building a Dalek scaled down from the full sized plans. It was built from balsa wood and plasticard, with a GRP dome (2nd attempt).The dome lights are plastic paint pots found in several recent Airfix starter boxes. No electrics in this one, I might eventually get around to motorizing a later version (Movie or Invasion Earth Dalek) as they have a larger base to hide r/c vehicles under". 

Robert K's Sevans Dalek

Sevans movie Dalek conversion.Sevans two footer kit

In between working on his full size Dalek, Robert worked on a Sevans 2 foot Movie Dalek, but modified it into a TV version. He discarded the movie fender and made a TV fender out of 12mm MDF and spray painted it semi-matt black. The sucker and dome lights were made up from parts he had in his spares tin. The rest of the kit is as supplied and spray painted in the Hartnell livery from "The Chase" - "Dalek Master Plan."..

John's Pink Sevans Dalek 

John's Pink Movie Dalek.

 Pink Dalek with shadows. Pink Dalek looking away.

This is a Sevans '2 footer' Movie Dalek which was finished in pink at the request of John's daughter. In all respects (other than the colour scheme), it is quite accurate to the 2nd Movie Daleks. So much so that it was previously presented as a full size build, with history, on this site, as an April fool!

Chris Kingbee's original Sevans Dalek

Chris Kingbees' Sevans Dalek KitChris Kingbees 80s Dalek.

Chris says, "I was rummaging through an old box of photos, when I came upon these. The Destiny (not pictured here) and 60's generic were pre-ordered when they first appeared, advertised in DWM.
The Revelation was slightly later, though still with the original gun design, I added the extra neck bin section and modified base myself for authenticity. All three of these are still in existence, but they have to share two plungers between them".

Don Lovelock's Scale Hovabout

Don Lovelock's Dalek Hovabout aka Transolar DiskDon Lovelock's scale hovabout build.

Not a Dalek but an unusual Dalek accessory...

Seen here being 'piloted' by a Product Enterprises 6" Dalek is Don's amazing scratch built Dalek Hovabout, also known as a 'transolar disc'. The process of putting this item together is covered in detail, on the Forum, in Don's step-by-step build diary. Well worth a read!

Grunter7's all metal Dalek

Gunter 7's all Metal DalekAmazing all metal scale Dalek.

Grunter's Dalek is approx 250mm high. The base plate is aluminum, machined to profile of the skirt. The skirt is made from stainless steel sheet with tig welded panels. The hemispheres are made from brass turned on a lathe then polished. The shoulders are made from aluminum and the slats are made from brass, machined with a slitting saw on the mill, then polished and screwed onto the shoulders. More details on the Forum!

Jon Kearey's Daleks

Jon's Sevans two footers.Patrolling the garden.

Jon refurbished his Sevans 2ft Movie Dalek, which inspired him to give his Sevans TV kits the same treatment. The theme for this refurbishment was 'Day Of The Daleks'. As you can see, the three Daleks from that story have been recreated in exact detail. Particular attention has been paid to the colour schemes, which look absolutely perfect, when compared to photographs of the original props. 

Edz's Classic Dalek, Charlie

Edz's 1cm to 1 inch Dalek.Scale classic Dalek.

Edz says, "I decided some years ago to get my old modelling tools out and have a go at at Dalek. I've not made one for many years and thought one of my old mate's would appreciate his favourite "Dead Planet" style for his 40th birthday. It's made using the tried and tested ping pong ball method.  Works out nicely as 1cm = 1 inch. The construction is mainly of artists mounting board with a few odds and ends of plastic and perspex, aluminium for the belts and fibreglass for the dome.

Mechmaster's Scale Daleks

Comet Kit Conversion

Standard side profile. The inside revealed. The underside revealed.

This Dalek was mainly built a little bit at a time, in the odd moments between other tasks when it wasn't worth starting anything more involved. Chris decided to do something a little different with it, so he essentially cut the kit in half and designed a bespoke interior using various parts from his 'spares' box, some Plastruct components and a tiny mutant model from Forge World, modified using Milliput.


For the dome Chris took advantage of the fact that P38 doesn't stick to styrene, pressing some filler into the kit dome and then popping it out when set to form the core of the head. Scribed plastic card was wrapped around the base pivot of the eyestalk to give it a ribbed edge. The pivot pin for the eyestalk has been replaced by the Comet kit's gunstick rod mounts. The base of the head is cut from a plastic disc which held dress-makers' pins and the dome pivot is the arm from an Airfix Dalek kit.


The top and base of the shoulder section were cut out with a compass cutter and a few additional openings were cut in the base of the shoulder to allow wires/pipes to pass through. The top of the shoulder section is another of those pin holding discs.

Mk6 Variant

Blue and silver Mechmaster  Dalek.Mechmaster Mk6 variant, photo 2.

This model uses elements from various Mechmaster CG builds, combed with various other ideas that  occured during construction. This was the first Dalek to be built by Mechmaster in this series of builds. Chis had three possible colour schemes in mind and could not choose between them. However, his brother made the decision for him. As it was to be an original design he felt an original colour scheme was most suitable, so the model was finished in a blue and silver-grey.

Modified Airfix Dalek

Black Mechmaster NSD variant.Mechmaster Airfix Dalek, rear view.

Chris hadn't built or bought an Airfix since he started buying Japanese anime kits in the early '80s and realised just how shoddy Airfix models were in comparison. He was slightly apprehensive about buying this kit but once inside the box, things didn't look so bad. A number of parts were dispensed with and other components were built from scratch, in order to produce this Mechmastered version.

Modified Comet Dalek

Comet conversion 2.Mechmaster Comet Dalek, front on.

This Dalek started out as a standard Comet kit, but was given the Mechmaster treatment. Note that some of the bits on the side are parts from the Airfix NSD kit shown above, (unused bits from the open shoulder version). The little triple wicket bits fitted to the shoulders are the handles of Tamiya 1/35 scale jerry cans from the Mechmaster 'bits' box.' A stunning red paint-job finishes the look.


See Mechmaster's second Comet Dalek kit conversion on the next page...

8th scale TV Dalek

Mechmaster grey and black Dalek.Mechmaster 8th scale Dalek, rear view.

This is another Comet kit given the Mechmaster treatment. On the shoulder section the supplied polythene mesh has been replaced with aluminium mesh. Various sized nut-and-bolt details were added from his stock of Japanese detail parts. Also he didn't like the pieces supplied to go over the joins in the collars and replaced them with some of his own.

Hofl's Half Size Dalek

Half size NSD. Half size NSD side view. Under construction

Sadly, Hofl didn't take many photographs of this Dalek while it was under construction. However, the results are excellent. The build time was over a year as he always seemed to have more pressing jobs to do. Materials used were mostly MDF and glue (copious quantities of both), to get the rough shape. The hemispheres are plastic Christmas decorations cut in half. The dome and cowl are fibreglass.

Don Lovelock's Golden Emperor

Don's golden Emperor Dalek.Don Lovelock, emperor Dalek, front.

Don cut the top from a Character Options 5" Supreme Dalek to produce the 'only-three-hemis-high' skirt. The movie style base was also trimmed. Don also scratch built new collars from laminated plasticard. The dome is an 80mm acrylic novelty sphere with a slice cut off the bottom. The lateral bands were produced by cutting ring sections from a second sphere and gluing them to the first.

LMS Jim's Davros Emperor

Remembrance Davros-Emperor Dalek.LMS Jim Imperial Emperor, with top down.

This model is the Dalek Emperor (Davros version), the most recent version available from Comet. This is a resin kit at 1:8. The kit consists of six major resin pieces and three small ones. There are also some beads included but unfortunately the wire that was supposed to be included was missing. The top can be opened to reveal the head of Davros. This kit is supplied by Comet but from a company called Reshape. 

Chucky's Dalek Toy Conversion

Chucky's C.O. Dalek Conversion.Chucky's voice activated rebuild.

Simon found this Character Options voice command Dalek at a car boot sale and purchased it for a mere £1. After a few hours with a razor saw and a fine point soldering iron it was converted into the damaged Dalek from the episode 'Dalek'. A few ink washes were added, to produce the dirtied down effect.

RJ Young's Special Weapons Dalek

RJ Young's Special Weapons Dalek.RJYoung, Special Weapons, out and about.

Richard based this model on the Comet kit but had to recast the skirt section, having used the real one on an earlier project, converting a standard Dalek into a Remembrance Imperial. (The Imperial skirt sections are a completely different design to the standard Dalek skirts form the 60s and 70s). There are other Remembrance themed projects in the pipeline, including an Emperor, complete with Davros figure inside.

Dalek Ray 95's Classic Dalek

Dalek Ray's Dalek.Baked clay Dalek.

Ray says, "For my Dalek I used modeling material which gets hard when it is put in the oven. I began with the skirt, then I made the base. After I put it in the oven and it had hardened, it was time to make the ball joints. I wanted to let the Daleks' weapons move so I left some space for the ball joints at the end of the needles which I used for the plunger and the gun. For the neck I only formed a round sausage of modeling material as you can see on the pictures.


Sevans 5th Scale Dalek Kit


Originally purchased and assembled in the early 1990s, this Sevans 5th scale Dalek kit was originally painted in a custom gunmetal colour scheme, with black hemispheres and a distinctly 'late 70s' eye-disc configuration. By 2007 the Dalek was looking quite shabby and was in desperate need of refurbishment.


Dalek lit from above

Sevans Masterplan style Dalek

Detail shot of Sevans kit dome and neck cage

The model was carefully dismantled, cleaned and repainted in the style of a 1960s Dalek. Small additional details were also added. These included a tapered eye-stalk, three stage telescopic arm and trefoil neck struts and replacement aluminium collars. These small details enhance the overall look and recreate the feel of the original Shawcraft props, as they were around the time of 'The Daleks' Masterplan'.

Some additional detailing is still required, such as the bolt heads on the collars. The plastic slats could also do with being replaced, with thinner aluminium versions. These are jobs that will get done some time in the future... hopefully before another decade goes by!

Photograph after the style of the Dalek movies

Dalek Invasion Earth style shot

Closer look at Sevans 5th scale kit

Dalek in daylight - Masterplan style

Rare Sevans Movie Dalek kit (un-built).

Sevans Movie Dalek Kit

Pictured (left) is an un-built Sevans Movie Dalek kit. This kit (and all the others) are quite rare, these days and finding one un-built (and at the right price) can be quite tricky.


What isn't obvious from the box front is that this Movie Dalek kit contains all the components required to build a TV Dalek, like the one above, including the base section, TV style dome lights and all the eye-stalk configurations. Even the instruction sheet is identical to that of the TV version.


The parts that allow the builder to construct this kit as a Movie Dalek are supplementary items, including the movie style dome lights, the fender style base and an additional sheet of instructions specifically for this kit.


It is therefore possible for anyone who is searching for a Sevans TV Dalek kit (but failing to find one), to consider purchasing a Movie Dalek kit as an alternative, discarding the Movie Dalek parts and building the TV variant instead.