Scale Daleks

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Hofl's Half Size Dalek

Half size NSD. Half size NSD side view. Under construction

Sadly, Hofl didn't take many photographs of this Dalek while it was under construction. However, the results are excellent. The build time was over a year as he always seemed to have more pressing jobs to do. Materials used were mostly MDF and glue (copious quantities of both), to get the rough shape. The hemispheres are plastic Christmas decorations cut in half. The dome and cowl are fibreglass.

Don Lovelock's Golden Emperor

Don's golden Emperor Dalek.Don Lovelock, emperor Dalek, front.

Don cut the top from a Character Options 5" Supreme Dalek to produce the 'only-three-hemis-high' skirt. The movie style base was also trimmed. Don also scratch built new collars from laminated plasticard. The dome is an 80mm acrylic novelty sphere with a slice cut off the bottom. The lateral bands were produced by cutting ring sections from a second sphere and gluing them to the first.

LMS Jim's Davros Emperor

Remembrance Davros-Emperor Dalek.LMS Jim Imperial Emperor, with top down.

This model is the Dalek Emperor (Davros version), the most recent version available from Comet. This is a resin kit at 1:8. The kit consists of six major resin pieces and three small ones. There are also some beads included but unfortunately the wire that was supposed to be included was missing. The top can be opened to reveal the head of Davros. This kit is supplied by Comet but from a company called Reshape. 

Chucky's Dalek Toy Conversion

Chucky's C.O. Dalek Conversion.Chucky's voice activated rebuild.

Simon found this Character Options voice command Dalek at a car boot sale and purchased it for a mere £1. After a few hours with a razor saw and a fine point soldering iron it was converted into the damaged Dalek from the episode 'Dalek'. A few ink washes were added, to produce the dirtied down effect.

RJ Young's Special Weapons Dalek

RJ Young's Special Weapons Dalek.RJYoung, Special Weapons, out and about.

Richard based this model on the Comet kit but had to recast the skirt section, having used the real one on an earlier project, converting a standard Dalek into a Remembrance Imperial. (The Imperial skirt sections are a completely different design to the standard Dalek skirts form the 60s and 70s). There are other Remembrance themed projects in the pipeline, including an Emperor, complete with Davros figure inside.

Dalek Ray 95's Classic Dalek

Dalek Ray's Dalek.Baked clay Dalek.

Ray says, "For my Dalek I used modeling material which gets hard when it is put in the oven. I began with the skirt, then I made the base. After I put it in the oven and it had hardened, it was time to make the ball joints. I wanted to let the Daleks' weapons move so I left some space for the ball joints at the end of the needles which I used for the plunger and the gun. For the neck I only formed a round sausage of modeling material as you can see on the pictures.