Steve and Liam: New Series Dalek

Steve says...


We had loads of people round to look at it. My mate's boy drove it into the fence! Anyway thanks to everyone who helped, one way or another. Not an exact true copy but we're happy. I was lucky with some parts. One mate had the neck rings, blocks and gunbox bezels made in his workshop, another made the gun boss from oak on his lathe.


Many thanks to this forum,



Steve and Liam's newly finished Dalek.

How it was done...

Frame for Dalek skirt section taking shape.
This photo shows the frame for the skirt section. The "box method" has been used. The inner supports are only temporary and are removed after the panels have been added. There are only three pieces, so the "box" is easier to break up, once the skirt is finished.
The insides of the Dalek skirt, showing glass fibre work.
View of the skirt (upside-down) showing the end result, once the "box" is removed. The seams between the panels have been strengthened with strips of fibreglass matting. A skirt section constructed this way is surprisingly strong.
Dalek skirt section filled and primed.
Here we see the skirt filled and primed and fitted to the fender section. A strip of 1mm-thick sticky-backed rubber, from a construction site, was stuck to the underside of skirt to stop it scratching the top of the fender, when placed in position.
Dalek shoulders taking shape.
The shoulders were created by adding spacer blocks around a basic internal shape. Everything eventually measured up equally on each side. No More Nails glue was used to attach the spacers and, as with the skirt, the insides of the shoulders were strengthened with fibreglass.
Test assembly of Dalek sections.
Test fitting: Here we see the various sections assembled for the first time. The shoulders are still very much 'under construction'. The newly-finished neck section still needs some internal work. Note the 'test' hemisphere, which has been painted gold.
Semi-completed Dalek
Shoulders completed and slats fitted. As before, the shoulder collars were strengthened with fibreglass and then whole assembly was sanded and primed. The Dalek is shown awaiting its gun and a final coat of paint.

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