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This Dalek is based on the 'Dr Who and the Daleks' movie props, but with a new series twist. It has a 1960s movie-style fender, with a 'Shawcraft' skirt and dome. The shoulders are again 1960s style but with moulded collars, giving them a chunky feel. The neck is a mixture of classic rings, but with new series struts and neck blocks. The dome lights are re-cast movie-style beakers, but clear & frosted.

The eye-stalk has five blue classic style discs, with a 1960s 'toffee apple' eyeball, with a red LED iris. The gun utilises a section of 30mm tube, to give it a chunky look, like the original movie Daleks, but with plastic collars at either end to bulk it up. The plunger is new series style.

Richards Daleks, on his website, can be found here.

How it was done...

A 50cm length of 30mm clear acrylic tubing, a clear acrylic 100mm ball, a 32mm plumbers elbow joint and 3 meters of 4mm aluminium rod... an hour later and a Dalek gun is born. The plan was to have a 30cm section of chrome tube inside the clear tube so it retains its bulk but allows the addition of some high output LEDs in the ball section to light the outside and end of the clear pipe when exterminating.

The dome innards started with a 6mm MDF disk that fits inside the dome about 7cm up. Richard then cut two 18mm MDF brackets, each about 7" long and curved so that they sit flush with the dome when it is all put together. These two brackets are set 32mm apart, with a block between, which will act as a stop for the eyestalk, to keep it level but also to allow it to look upwards.

Pictured are the hemispheres, which have all been sanded ready for painting. This took about three hours over two days. They are actually clear plastic fill-able ornaments. The lip that these ornaments have on one side, has not been removed as they will be sat in oil seals and it's impossible to tell the difference between the two halves when they are bolted on.

To make the claw attachment, Richard used a broken hemisphere. He drilled an 8mm hole for a bolt to hold it to the arm then filled the hemisphere halfway with P40, making sure there was lots of it around the bolt. Once it was dry, he cut three slots across the joint to hold three 6mm MDF claw sections he'd jigsawed out. He stuck the claw sections in using more P40 and then glued the two halves of the hemisphere together.

The mould for the movie dome lights turned into a small nightmare. Richard used Plasticine to secure the movie dome light to a piece of Perspex and then cut a section from a large Coke bottle and secured this with more Plasticine and tested it... no leaks so he poured in the RTV silicone and it leaked and leaked and leaked - so after about ten minutes of fighting with it, he stuck the other movie dome light into the bottom of a glass vase and poured the RTV silicone over that one instead.

Here, the shoulders are pictured after spraying, complete with their gold collars. Things may seem just about finished once spraying has been completed but there's still lots more to do, including weathering, which is necessary in order to make the Dalek look like it has been 'out & about'. At this stage the neck mesh is still loosely fitted, the eye-stalk and dome lights are not fixed and there is no nut to bolt the claw (or optional plunger) to the arm.


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