Dalek for sale? | real genuine original BBC Dalek or movie Dalek

Dalek Wanted

A real Dalek from the BBC television series Doctor Who or from the 1960s movies.

Did you win one in a competition or buy one at an auction? Do you know where any of the original Daleks are? Ideally, this search will lead to a whole Dalek, but incomplete and wrecked Daleks are welcome.
Even just parts of original Daleks would be interesting.

Just get in touch if you have information or something to sell!

Contact us

Details Wanted

  • Did you meet a real Dalek in the 1960s or 1970s?
  • Did you visit the place where they were made?
  • Do you know anyone who worked on the original Daleks?

Photos Wanted

  • Do you have photos of real Daleks? We're always very interested in new photos, and will buy photos too.

Photos © BBC, Terry Nation's Estate, Aaru Productions, Mick Hall, Chris Balcombe.

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