Mechmaster's Scale Daleks

Comet Kit Conversion

This Dalek was mainly built a little bit at a time, in the odd moments between other tasks when it wasn't worth starting anything more involved. Chris decided to do something a little different with it, so he essentially cut the kit in half and designed a bespoke interior using various parts from his 'spares' box, some Plastruct components and a tiny mutant model from Forge World, modified using Milliput.

For the dome Chris took advantage of the fact that P38 doesn't stick to styrene, pressing some filler into the kit dome and then popping it out when set to form the core of the head. Scribed plastic card was wrapped around the base pivot of the eyestalk to give it a ribbed edge. The pivot pin for the eyestalk has been replaced by the Comet kit's gunstick rod mounts. The base of the head is cut from a plastic disc which held dress-makers' pins and the dome pivot is the arm from an Airfix Dalek kit.

The top and base of the shoulder section were cut out with a compass cutter and a few additional openings were cut in the base of the shoulder to allow wires/pipes to pass through. The top of the shoulder section is another of those pin holding discs.

Mk6 Variant

This model uses elements from various Mechmaster CG builds, combed with various other ideas that occurred during construction. This was the first Dalek to be built by Mechmaster in this series of builds.

Chis had three possible colour schemes in mind and could not choose between them. However, his brother made the decision for him. As it was to be an original design he felt an original colour scheme was most suitable, so the model was finished in a blue and silver-grey.

Modified Airfix Dalek

Chris hadn't built or bought an Airfix since he started buying Japanese anime kits in the early '80s and realised just how shoddy Airfix models were in comparison. He was slightly apprehensive about buying this kit but once inside the box, things didn't look so bad.

A number of parts were dispensed with and other components were built from scratch, in order to produce this Mechmastered version.

Modified Comet Dalek

his Dalek started out as a standard Comet kit, but was given the Mechmaster treatment. Note that some of the bits on the side are parts from the Airfix NSD kit shown above, (unused bits from the open shoulder version).

The little triple wicket bits fitted to the shoulders are the handles of Tamiya 1/35 scale jerry cans from the Mechmaster 'bits' box.' A stunning red paint-job finishes the look. See Mechmaster's second Comet Dalek kit conversion below...

8th scale TV Dalek

This is another Comet kit given the Mechmaster treatment. On the shoulder section the supplied polythene mesh has been replaced with aluminium mesh.

Various sized nut-and-bolt details were added from his stock of Japanese detail parts. Also he didn't like the pieces supplied to go over the joins in the collars and replaced them with some of his own.

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Scale Daleks in progress.

More scale Daleks in progress.

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