Originally purchased and assembled in the early 1990s, this Sevans 5th scale Dalek kit was originally painted in a custom gunmetal colour scheme, with black hemispheres and a distinctly 'late 70s' eye-disc configuration. By 2007 the Dalek was looking quite shabby and was in desperate need of refurbishment.

The model was carefully dismantled, cleaned and repainted in the style of a 1960s Dalek. Small additional details were also added. These included a tapered eye-stalk, three stage telescopic arm and trefoil neck struts and replacement aluminium collars.

These small details enhance the overall look and recreate the feel of the original Shawcraft props, as they were around the time of 'The Daleks' Masterplan'.

Some additional detailing is still required, such as the bolt heads on the collars. The plastic slats could also do with being replaced, with thinner aluminium versions. These are jobs that will get done some time in the future... hopefully before another decade goes by.

Sevans Movie Dalek Kit

What isn't obvious from the box front is that this Movie Dalek kit contains all the components required to build a TV Dalek, like the one above, including the base section, TV style dome lights and all the eye-stalk configurations. Even the instruction sheet is identical to that of the TV version.

The parts that allow the builder to construct this kit as a Movie Dalek are supplementary items, including the movie style dome lights, the fender style base and an additional sheet of instructions specifically for this kit.

It is therefore possible for anyone who is searching for a Sevans TV Dalek kit (but failing to find one), to consider purchasing a Movie Dalek kit as an alternative, discarding the Movie Dalek parts and building the TV variant instead.

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Scale Daleks in progress.

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