The Project Dalek DVM7...

The Project Dalek DVM7 is our latest self-build voice modulator, released in 2022. The assembly instruction manual and printed circuit board are available from the Project Dalek Forum, along with files for a 3D printed enclosure. All other parts can be sourced from electronics/component suppliers.

DVM7 stands for ‘Dalek Voice Modulator, version 7’. There have been six voice modulator designs in the Project Dalek lineage leading up to this one. As the name suggests, it modulates your voice with a sine wave at a frequency very similar to that used in the production of the Dalek voices heard in the TV series and also in the two Dalek movies. It is an attempt to faithfully replicate the various effects used over the years. The DVM7 employs a modern, fully digital effect, as opposed to the various analogue methods used in the early years of the show. This provides us with the flexibility to emulate the voices used in the various eras, using just one device. It is simple, compact and has few components; making it easy to construct, even for the novice.

The DVM7 has following features:

  • Fully digital audio processing.
  • Delay-line Feedback Prevention.
  • Dome light output.  LEDs are recommended, but incandescent bulbs are also supported.
  • Gun sound playback.
  • Gun light output.

The DVM7 is not intended to have any external controls, (Other than a trigger for the gun sound).  It can be customized by connecting to a computer with a USB cable and loading different versions of the firmware.  There are several available in the downloads section on the Project Dalek Forum.  There is also a downloadable programming guide to help builders who would like to customize their voice mod to match a specific Dalek.  We hope that Project Dalek members who have the skills will take advantage of this flexibility and upload their custom code for others to use.

  • The Voice Modulator Assembly Manual can be found here.
  • The support topic for this unit can be found on the Project Dalek Forum, here.
  • We also supply the printed circuit board required to assemble the unit. This is available to order, via the Project Dalek Forum, here.
  • For those who would like to create/order their own PCB, the Gerber files have also been made available, in the Downloads section, here.
  • We also provide files for those who wish to 3D print their own case/enclosure for this unit. These can be found here.

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