The Project Dalek DVM8...

The Project Dalek DVM8 is our latest pre-assembled voice modulator, released in 2022. It is available to Project Dalek members via the Project Dalek Forum.

DVM8 stands for ‘Dalek Voice Modulator, version 8’. The unit modulates your voice with a sine wave at a frequency very similar to that used in the production of the Dalek voices heard in the TV series and also in the two Dalek movies. It is an attempt to faithfully replicate the various effects used over the years. The DVM8 employs a modern, fully digital effect, as opposed to the various analogue methods used in the early years of the show. This provides us with the flexibility to emulate the voices used in the various eras, using just one device.

The DVM8 is packed with following features:

  • Fully digital audio processing technology providing user selectable ring modulation which is continuously variable from 10Hz to 100Hz. You can configure this to match any Dalek voice of your choice.

  • Adjustable tone control, applied to the voice before processing, to help you do the best imitation of your chosen Dalek.

  • Continuously variable distortion level, from none to ‘Heavy Metal’. This can give your Dalek as much attitude as you choose.

  • Reverberation (echo). This option can be applied post modulation to give the Dalek that distinctive reverb effect heard in the Dalek movies.

  • Delay-line Feedback Prevention which is very effective at reducing the risk of annoying feedback interrupting your performance.

  • Sound-to-light domelight output. Your domelights will pulse as you speak, providing a lifelike imitation of the original props. LEDs are recommended, but incandescent bulbs are also supported.

  • Optional background sound. Toggle between three fully customisable continuous ambient background sound effects and also the option of no sound. The unit is supplied pre-loaded with three background sound effects. Relative volume is user adjustable.

  • Gun sound playback with a fully customisable gun sound effect. The unit is supplied pre-loaded with a popular example of a gun sound effect. However, this can be replaced with a sound effect of your choice.

  • Gun light output. In addition to the gun sound playback, you can optionally use the supplied output to illuminate LEDs, or another effect in the gun. This can be configured to stay on for the duration of the sound playback, or only while the trigger is pressed.

  • 12V/24V Operation. The DVM8 can be powered by 12V or 24V batteries. The microcontroller will recognise which is being used and set the amplifier output accordingly. (Please note that all dome-lights, LEDs, gun effects, etc. will need to be rated to suit your chosen voltage.)

  • Variable microphone gain. This allows you to set the level to suit your voice. Only mono-jack electret microphones are supported at this time.

  • Built-in efficient class-D amplifier module.

  • Triggers: The volume and tone knobs double as triggers for the gun effect and background sound toggle. There is also a jack to allow the connection of remote triggers, if your DVM8 is not accessible while trundling.

  • Easy connection: The DVM8 uses a single aviation socket and plug (supplied), to connect the bulk of the external items (power, speakers, etc.). This makes connecting and disconnecting the unit a quick and simple process. No more messing around with separate plugs and sockets. Ideal if you need to quickly ‘hot-swap’ your unit from one Dalek to another. Additional connector leads will also be made available for those who wish to rig more than one Dalek.

Note that other features are already in development and it will possible to add these features to all existing units via a relatively simple firmware update, within the capabilities of most people. For news on future developments, keep an eye on the topics, on the Project Dalek Forum.

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