The PDF Mod Mk6

The Project Dalek Voice Modulator Mk6 was initially aimed at being a pre-built unit available to Project Dalek members. This was due to its relatively complex circuitry and the requirement to program code into a processor chip.

Some members, however, have expressed a desire to have a go and may wish to buy a bare PCB and pre-burned processor and assemble the unit themselves. Be warned that unlike the Mk5e and its predecessors, it is not a novice assembly job, particularly if you need to fault find issues afterwards.

If you feel this route is for you, Project Dalek Forum members please check in the Mk6 topic.

The unit is also often available to order as a pre-built unit. Availability will depend on where you are in the world, though units can usually be assembled in the UK, USA and Australia, which can reduce the cost of postage.

Features include...

Embedded digital processor with upgradeable firmware

Previous voice modulator versions were analogue electronics based, using mixers and multipliers in various forms to produce the modulating signal and modulating the voice input. The Mk6 uses a completely digital processing architecture, allowing the designers to provide the best possible effect and extract the maximum number of features from a small, affordable unit. It also allows for upgrades in the future should improvement or different options be developed in the future.

Jumper selectable modulation frequency

Over the years several different frequencies were used to modulate the Daleks' voices. Using a combination of 4 two pin jumpers, the operator can set one of 16 frequencies to suit the particular version or just what sounds best. The very highest and lowest choices are outside of normal Dalek range but can be used for other voices such as that of the Cybermen.

Inbuilt gun sound

The processor code includes a digitised sound file of a Dalek gun sound which can be played back at the press of a button. No more trying to synchronise pressing a button on an iPod or mp3 player.

Inbuilt gun LED output

When the gun button is pressed, a dedicated LED output will turn on an LED which can be installed in the end of the gun. A jumper on the board will select whether the gun LED stays on for the duration of sound playing, or just while the button is pressed.

Tone control

A variable tone control was designed into the input to enable some control over the "attitude" of the voice. Being on the input, this has a slightly different effect than a normal tone control on the output, which is generally to account for different speaker response.


If you have a complete unit built for you, it will include a TPA3118 mono amplifier, which is class D, very efficient and plenty loud enough for general Dalek use. This is an add-on to the main circuit board and could also be used for the Mk5i unit if purchased separately.

Nice label

If you buy the voice modulator pre-built unit, it will be finished off with a fantastic looking control layout label that sets off the unit and gives a professional finish. It just looks way cool.

You can read more about the Mk6 unit on the Forum, here.

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